Unseen Perks Of Group Training

Recent research has revealed that group training can repeat more benefits than solo workouts , especially for older adults and seniors. Group fitness is expected to be one of the top three fitness industry trends in the next decades to come. According to professional personal trainers, as long as the fitness goal is common and not centered on athletic objectives, group training has many unseen perks of which some are as follows. 


Positive Influence 

It’s reported that on average 50% of people will drop out from their exercise programs within the first 6 months of starting. One of the common reasons for this comes from lack of proper mindset and willingness to to be consistent. In group training other people play a crucial role in positively influencing your attitudes, thoughts, and emotional response to exercise. This alters any negativity you feel about exercising and metally prepares you to continue. 

With time as you get to know others who exercise regularly, you will begin to perceive more positive, common, desirable and doable, thereby retaining you within the program for longer or at least until you reach your goal. 


Unlike personal classes where you have the freedom to miss classes, in group training your group members or friends will keep you accountable at all times. They can do this by sending a text or calling to ask if you’re not coming to the class. Even if you come across any barriers like with commuting, your workout buddies can help with tangible logistics by giving a ride. 


When you are accountable you will not have to spend a lot of energy in forcing yourself to keep exercising as part of your daily routine, which in turn makes it an automatic behavior, i.e. a habit.  Making exercise a habit completely eliminates any triggers that may want you to drop out and in the long run make fitness a part of your lifestyle. 



As group training is structured and guided by a personal trainer, you will be engaged in proper warm-ups, cooldowns, and motions that protects your body from potential injuries. Groups are also sure to have at least one or few members who have more exercise knowledge and experience. 

These members can educate you , share their knowledge , and even correct you when needed, ensuring proper exercise safety. Especially for older adults, group training increases safety as the members can help them in case of a health problem during workouts or even call for help if needed. 

Improves Pain Tolerance

Normal muscle soreness or specifically referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a healthy sign that you’re getting stronger and is nothing to be alarmed about.  If the DOMS is bad then you may need to take a day of complete rest to give your muscles a chance to repair.

 A survey has revealed that group training has shown to improve pain tolerance (which can in turn reduce DOMS) when they row in sync with other group members. Additionally the reduced stress-levels induced from group training also minimizes the physical strain your body encounters post workout, thereby improving pain tolerance. 


Before you get into a group training figure out which groups work best for your preferred methods of working out and individual style. If you’re specifically looking for a girls-only group class led by a female personal trainer in Dubai, there are plenty of options to choose from.  If group training alongside a mixed environment concerns you , then this can be a good alternative option. 

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