Why Group Yoga Improves Your Workout Routine

On average, around 2 million people globally practise yoga. With this increased demand, the variety of yoga styles and classes available keeps growing, making it an enticing activity to engage in. 

However, as with any fitness activity, there are a few factors that need to be essentially met to make a yoga session productive. Some of them include focus, engagement, motivation, self-confidence, and accountability. It’s believed that group yoga classes through the following ways prove to be more effective in meeting these factors and improving your workout routine compared to private or individual sessions. 


Ability To Meet Like-Minded People

Group yoga classes are a great place to meet and forge friendships with like-minded people who share the same values about health and well-being. By creating synergy, group yoga sessions also allow you to exchange experiences and knowledge and share progress with those who have the same fitness goal as yours. The resulting group connection shapes your workout routine to be more engaging and involving than doing it alone. 


Solves Starting Trouble

Starting trouble is a very common experience among people who have just kick-started their yogic lifestyle. While it’s natural to feel so, as with starting anything new in life, practicing yoga as a group can reduce the impacts of these starting troubles. 

The team atmosphere sets the ideal supportive, encouraging, belonging and positive environment for anyone who is new to yoga to improve their workout routine without having to feel isolated. It also provides a learning opportunity for beginners to educate themselves about techniques and methods from other experienced members of a group. 


Promotes Faster Learning 

In a group, we are more likely to learn faster through our peers, even if the primary source of guidance or learning may be difficult to comprehend. Your group members will help you learn poses that may seem complicated for you, or on the other hand, you can also help a member reach their goals with experience and knowledgeable assistance. It creates a win-win situation for everybody and promotes a shorter learning cycle, making any yoga routine much more effective than having to learn and practise alone. 

Apart from this, in a group, you’re more likely to practice workouts with more intensity, helping you easily integrate yoga and meditation into your lifestyle along with the ability to have perseverance for daily spiritual practices.


Sustains Interest 

Starting and doing yoga alone is easy, but sustaining the interest to carry out the routine consistently is tough. In a group Yoga class, you are more likely to be compelled to stay consistent with your practice and training as you have a fixed schedule and are regularly tracked on attendance and progress (depending on the type of class you enroll to). 

There can also be times when you force yourself to show up to classes, even if you don’t feel like going, because your peers expect you there. This rather demanding discipline easily allows you to sustain interest in a group class and aids you a lot in improving your workout routine without having to put much effort. 


Develops A Sense Of Competition 

When you’re around a group of people who are working towards a similar goal, it’s easy to develop a sense of competition. Seeing others performing better on a frequent basis will persuade you to push yourself as well. The competitive nature keeps you accountable, disciplined, focused, and motivated throughout the group sessions, making a significant positive impact in improving your workout routine. 

As yoga involves a lot of stretching and twisting, you may not always be able to catch up on steps perfectly. When doing it alone, you may also lose confidence if you’re not able to do some poses properly. In contrast, doing it with a group of other people who are also learning and managing to perform them can help you develop confidence, thereby letting you improve your workout routine alongside your peers. 


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