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Do your kids love to pretend box around the house?

Do they build a small ring with pillows and get you to stand outside while they beat up the big brown teddy bear? May be it is time to get them into a boxing class. Kid boxing classes teach your child basic boxing skills and techniques which include; stance, guard, jab, movement, cross and hook. It helps increases your child’s strength and improves endurance. Kid boxing classes will include cardio calisthenics, bag work, shadow boxing, bag, pad work, partner drills and core strengthening exercise. Your kids will gain self defense tools, confidence and improved self esteem all the while they remain physically fit. These skills will give kids self-defense tools as well as self-confidence while keeping them physically fit. Usually, the primary focus of the class is the 150 lb. heavy bags.

At Be Fit, we believe we should help parents create strong, healthy and confident young children who are completely self-aware about the world around them. Our Kids Boxing Program is a special program that aims to not just focus on physical fitness but go beyond the basic scope of training. We deliver a strong message to all kids on the importance of living a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. We believe hard work pays off, even when it is just a child.

Our kids boxing program strikes a perfect balance in pushing the children to achieve their goals while giving them support and encouragement to tackle new challenges, both inside and outside of the boxing program. Your kids will not find a better class than the one at Be Fit. It is not just about boxing. It is so much more. Your child will cultivate confidence and will learn self defense, teamwork and anti-bullying.

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