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Be Fit offers exercisers who feel would prefer to workout with a female personal trainer, the best in the industry. Our female personal training service caters to women, men and young adults, offering one on one training, small group training, 2-4 people and even families. Our training is unique, bespoke and intense. It can be challenging, however, it will give you the results you’ve always wanted. We understand no two clients are the same, and each person may have a different physical competency and emotional wellbeing. Our female personal trainer will create a customized training program to suit your physical fitness, health and competency.

The female body is very different from the male body, and there is a set of goals to attend to when it comes to training women. There are several obvious gender differences (pregnancy, menopause, osteoporosis), and with these differences, there are challenges we as personal trainers have to consider. Our female trainers are equipped to train both men and women, but there are anatomical, physiological, and psychological conditions in women, which our female trainers can relate to.

Female trainers are also the ideal option for clients who feel awkward training with male trainers. The key to good exercise is comfort and motivation, both of which you can get with a female trainer if not a male trainer. Be it post-pregnancy weight gain or intimate health conditions, you can openly share the details with our female trainers so that they can help you achieve quicker results.

Our trainers have a holistic approach to training, which means that they consider not just the client goals, but all the other factors which are necessary to determine a training plan for you. Our female personal trainers are also mindful of the busy schedule you have and will consider all of your needs before scheduling the sessions. We can plan sessions at home, outdoors, indoors at the gym, or other suitable spots to keep it fun and motivating.

Moreover, our female personal trainer will teach all participants how to feel empowered not just in your professional life but also in your personal one. We will work towards your goals; we believe no goal is beyond reach. It is a step by step training program that ensures you stay on top of fitness while providing full motivational support and encouragement throughout the program.

Our female personal trainers are well aware of all the health concerns that affect women and their performance. You can easily access these privileges by communicating with our female personal trainer about your specific health concern. Women undergo a lot of bodily, and hormonal changes during the different phases of their life which men can not relate to. Our trainers can help you through stressful health conditions like PCOS, pregnancy, hormonal difficulties, endometriosis so on and so forth.

These differing conditions require different modes of training as they do not yield the same results. Women with PCOS cannot undergo HIIT for weight loss, nor will they see results with such a routine. Our personal trainers will help curate a workout plan with specific low-intensity exercises, and healthy meal plans to achieve long-lasting results. Similarly, women who are pregnant have to workout with a lot of precautions in place. Our expert female trainers are equipped with the knowledge about these different conditions and the specific exercises best suited for these health conditions.

As female trainers, our clients can also connect with them on a personal level, as they can be more supportive since they understand these said conditions better. Our female trainers are not limited by knowledge or performance, as they are the best in the field of fitness training. The goal is to create a client-centric plan, which will help you yield maximum results with the minimum possibility of losing the motivation to continue with your training.

The training will help you reach your goals, by going out of your physical comfort zone to achieve overall health and ultimate fitness in a specified duration. We offer,

  • Mobility and improving flexibility
  • Building core strength
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Building long, lean muscles
  • Health and nutrition

Our program is result-driven, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass or train for a specific event. Our female personal trainers are not just limited to train female clients but have the expertise to train men and young adults. All of the trainers at Be Fit follow a client-centric approach which ensures that each client has an individual plan which is uniquely created to suit his/her specific needs. Together with a personalized training program and a highly certified female personal trainer from Dubai, we will help you meet your overall fitness goals.

For more information on how you can book a female personal trainer, get in touch with us on +971 4 380 5077, and we will offer an initial consultation free of charge.


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