8 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Energy

Sometimes no matter how much of a good sleep you assume you get, there is just no energy to start off the day like you’d expect to. Although many of us assume that good sleep directly encourages higher energy levels, there are many other reasons that affect it. According to some professional trainers in Dubai, here is a list of 8 such reasons why you may have no energy. 


High On Sugar 

Anything from candies to refined carbs like white bread, rice, and chips are a major source of sugar that is quickly digested  by the body, lowering your blood sugar levels, and thereby leaves you fatigued quickly. So if you normally have a diet rich in sugar or refined carbs, try to replace them with whole grains which can give you a long-lasting energy-boost. 


No Active Lifestyle 

Yes, although often overlooked, having an active lifestyle with a proper workout routine can give you a short-term energy boost to start your day. Working out delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues , helping your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. When your heart and lung functions well you naturally produce more energy. Regular exercises can also improve the sleep quality which in turn leaves you more rested to kick start your day. 


Skipping Breakfast 

The brunch culture has most of us skipping breakfast casually. Health experts say that breakfast plays a crucial role in giving your body good fuel and energy to start the day after an extended period of fasting at night. Failing to give this fuel leaves you empty on energy to start and get about your day. You can also ask your personal trainer for a proper meal plan to complement your lifestyle and to boost energy in a healthy way. 


Caffeine Overdose 

There’s no arguing that many of the beverages that we reach out to when we are tired tends to be packed with caffeine. While it’s true that caffeine acts as a strong stimulant that gives you a quick jolt, what we don’t see is that it can also leave you crashing soon with dehydration and low energy. Caffeine overdose can also take a toll on your sleep quality, lowering your energy levels when you wake up the other day. 



Even a mild dehydration can have an adverse affect on your energy levels, mood, and overall concentration. It’s always a good practice to aim for at least one glass of water per hour, whether you’re at work or school. Especially in summer dehydration can leave you drained of all energy. 


Poor Posture

Improper posture throughout the day like slouched walking is directly linked to decreased energy levels.  Simply altering the body posture to a more upright position can instantly boost your energy and mood altogether. Practicing proper postures also allows you to nurture positive thoughts. So whether you’re sitting at a work desk or trying to get some homeworks done at the study table, make sure to practice proper posture , including sitting straight. 


Too Much Screen Time 

Although it may sound surprising, many sleep experts and personal trainers have revealed that constant smartphone use has a negative impact on mental health, which leads to fatigue, anxiety, and even depression. There is another factor called your screen’s blue light, which is seen as the most disruptive of all colors of light that hinders melatonin, a chemical very important to promote a healthy sleep. 

Using too much phone can increase your exposure to this light causing poor sleep quality and thereby reduced energy levels. Considering a digital detox and limiting the time you check the phone throughout the day and before bed can be an effective way to combat this and sustain energy. 

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