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A unique approach to achieve fitness

Be Fit specializes in group classes for individuals looking to lose weight and achieve overall health and fitness. Group personal training has become a buzzword in recent years where the small exercise gyms are in and the big gym studios are out. People nowadays want individual attention and personalized training with a highly qualified personal trainer. Group personal training is brand new, but it isn’t going anywhere. It is cost effective as customized instruction and exercises are provided, where participants can work in a group but still receive individual attention.

We offer a unique approach to achieving fitness that is fun and fabulous. We are all about taking the mundane out of training. We make it exciting, motivating and a learning experience all at the same time. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or train for an event, our personal trainer will design a customized workout plan which is suitable for all participants working towards similar goals. A group class is choreographed so that all participants are following the same routine.

There are obvious advantages of group classes. Firstly, you get the same service as working out with a personal trainer but for less money. In addition to being affordable, there’s the benefit of encouragement and motivation from your instructor and other participants. A group setting exudes more energy and good old fashioned competition. It is likely that if the person next to you is making a big effort to get it right, you are bound to do the same.

In group classes, you are accountable to your peers. You cannot just come up with excuses as to why you don’t feel like training on a particular day. Your peers expect you to show up. And you learn self discipline. In group training, people tend to give it their best.

Get motivated to get into shape today. Group training at Be Fit will help you achieve your fitness goals; and best of all you get your own individualized personal trainer, a fantastic workout and it is affordable all at the same time.

 Family Class training

Learn teamwork and exercise through Be Fit’s Family Class training

Interested in cardio fitness? Blast your cardio through the roof with our best cardio fitness trainers. Some days you may do steps, other days kickboxing, and still others sports conditioning and also high/low impact. The best part is you get to do it with your family, and keep each other motivated and encouraged right throughout the training.

Family class training focuses on strengthening your muscles, and each class has its own set of unique challenges. However, you are guaranteed to burn lots of calories.

Have fun while training. Nothing is more fun and exciting than when you do it with your family. Exercise shouldn’t be any different. With a positive atmosphere, and group like setting you get all the benefits of working out with a personal trainer but doing it with loved ones instead of just peers. In family class training, you don’t run out of options, there are plenty to keep you feeling rejuvenated and pumped up.

Whether it is abs workout class, core workout class, cardio strength training and even boot camp, our personal trainers at Be Fit will offer a specialized program customized to fit each and every member in the class setting. Regardless of your level of experience, competency and other fitness history, our personal trainers have the necessary skills and knowledge to put together a fitness training program to suit your family in every way.

If you like to join family class training at Be Fit, contact us today on +971 4 380 5077 and we will offer an initial consultation free of charge.

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