The Best Low Impact Exercise For Seniors

It’s very rare to see seniors being actively engaged in a workout routine or even exercise of some kind. Usually this is due to lack of awareness on how or where to start, challenges from different health conditions, and fear of the unknown. 

Thankfully the increasing global awareness of health and fitness, and the rising supply of specialized and experienced fitness trainers has made it easy for seniors and elderly people to engage in low-impact workouts that complement their age and body structures. According to some specialized elderly personal trainers in Dubai, here are some of the most effective low-impact exercises for seniors. 



Although often underrated or perhaps overlooked, walking is one of the best low-impact exercises for elders. It takes very little planning to get started with this exercise and you can do it almost any time of the day with no equipment. All you’ll likely need is a good pair of comfortable shoes and some good stretching or cool down at the end of the walk. 

You can start with a slow walk and shorter duration , and then gradually try to increase the walking speed and extend the duration. While you’re walking, you want to focus on your posture, keeping your back straight and shoulders rolled back



While most of us see swimming only as a mere sport, in truth it is a great form of full body exercise. It helps improve endurance and flexibility, and is a very beneficial low-impact exercise for seniors. The water especially relieves stress on the bones and joints which most seniors experience. On the other hand, swimming carries a significantly less risk of injuries than many other forms of endurance exercises for seniors.

 It also conditions and tones the whole body and can help post-menopausal women avoid bone loss. It’s also recommended that elderly women consider a female trainer who specializes in fitness for seniors so they can customize a low-impact swimming routine that best suits their hormonal profiles postmenopause. 



As much as it may sound surprising, cycling is actually a good form of low-impact exercise that is very easy on the joints since they absorb only minimal shock from pedaling. You can make a choice between riding a stationary bike at the gym or simply invest in a road bike that you can cycle around the nearby neighborhood. If you’re looking for a bike that is easy on the shoulders and backbone, try a recumbent bike instead of an upright one.

 A recumbent bike lets you sit back with pedals and handlebars right in front of you. Whichever option you opt for, cycling is a great form of low-impact exercise for seniors to ease arthritis pain, regulate blood pressure, improve mood and even reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions. 



When most of us picture yoga as a workout we find ourselves doing almost impossible positions that the body can never hold for longer. While it’s true there are some intense yoga classes you can enroll in and avail their benefits, that doesn’t mean seniors should be left out f. A yoga class especially designed for elderly people can include low-impact posture that is easy on the joints and the body.  With low impact yoga poses elders can combine endurance with  stretches, strength training and balance. 

Nowadays there are plenty of senior yoga classes guided by a specialized personal trainer. If you can’t find one for the moment, beginner yoga works as a perfect low-impact exercise for seniors as well. 

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