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Do you want to look and be fit? Do you have weight loss goals? May be you are struggling to find the right weight loss program. What you need is a qualified and experienced personal trainer and an effective weight loss solution. We can offer you both.

Our personal trainers are certified and take pride in serving every one of you as an individual. We understand different people need different training methods. There is no time for excuses, as we will create a unique exercise plan to meet your requirements and make you feel like a brand new person.

The initial consultation is free of charge. This gives you an opportunity to meet our personal trainer and be evaluated. The information you provide will be used to design the weight loss program. We will go over your current items like your exercise routine, diet, occupation, allergies, injuries, body composition and goal.

Once the weight loss program has been designed, our trainer will discuss it with you in detail. This is to ensure your expectations are met in the future training sessions. Diet is an integral component to weight loss, so we will pay attention to nutrition and healthy meals. Our personal trainer will always encourage you to stick to a healthy and nutritional diet.

Personal training includes the mix of high impact and low impact exercises to help you quickly meet your goals. For this reason it is equally important to ensure that you have the right kind of fuel to get you going. The right kind of nutrition acts as fuel, which enhances your performance and motivation. Eating the right food is key to overall well-being. Minimally processed food is the best option for weight loss. These foods include lean protein, complex carbs and fiber.

Besides injury there is nothing that interrupts a workout plan more faster than poor dietary habits. It is essential to eat nutritious meals if you are serious about becoming a stronger and fitter version of yourself. As the right nutrition will guide you with the clean energy you need to perform better.

These foods mainly consist of fruits, vegetables, real meat, poultry, seafood and eggs. All of these items become healthy sources of diet when they are consumed in their original state and if that is not possible as close to their original as possible. This simply means that these food items should be eaten raw or steamed rather than fried or baked.

We offer a top notch workout program that contributes effectively to weight loss. We realize that many people struggle to lose weight and maintain it. We guarantee you will not be alone on your weight loss journey. Our personal trainer will become your confidant, motivator and friend.

Our weight loss program comprise of,

  • Learning proper exercise techniques to remain injury free
  • Provide variety to the workout program
  • Get you motivated to hit the gym more regularly
  • Hold you accountable for the length of the program
  • Motivate you to keep on pushing forward until you reach your goal

Weight loss is a rigorous program and may not yield quick results like other training programs. While some bodies lose weight with the right diet and exercise, other bodies take more time to successfully lose weight. Our personal trainers will take your complete history, this will give us enough details on your physical and emotional state of mind, which will then make the process of training planning easier.

While some gain weight due to long periods of inactivity others gain weight due to unhealthy eating habits. To control your diet and meals our personal trainer will make sure you keep a food diary, calculate your calories and eat nutritious food.

Diet planning includes,

  • Food diary: A food diary is like a journal, which records everything about your meal plans. This diary will keep a track of what, how much and where you eat your food. You should do this on a daily basis to keep track of how much you ate and also add up the total calorie intake. There are a lot of free online trackers, which can calculate the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates you ideally require. Make sure to also track your emotions while you eat, as this can help to find out if your emotions lead you to eat more.
  • Calculate calories: Most diet plans suggest the amount of calories you need per day. Moderately active people require 1500 to 2000 calories a day. You can also use apps and BMI calculators to decide on how much calories you need to consume according to your activity levels.
  • Weigh your food: Weighing your food may seem stressful in the beginning but you will get used to the process very soon and it will also easily help you understand what foods fill you up as well as what to avoid in your diet plan. Being aware of these factors will help you make better dietary choices. To notch your food weighing to the next level you can get yourself a food scale to measure the ounces and grams of food. If you do not want a food scale you can simply get a set of measuring cups and spoons to keep track of your food portions.

Our weight loss program is geared for all levels of physical competencies and capabilities. It is a plan that is designed for lifelong change. Yes, it is a challenge, but we will make it as fun and exciting as you want!

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