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What can you expect from group boot camp training?

Be Fit offers boot camp training sessions, which focus on military style exercise, functional movements including push-ups, sprints, squats and sit-ups. Our goal is to offer you a killer workout and the opportunity to increase fitness levels outside the gym.

Our program is based on helping participants get into shape, military style. We like to think boot camp training is not for the faint of heart. Our sessions are made up of high intensity workouts which aim to deliver results using total body approach. These sessions combine body weight exercises, sprint intervals, high-intensity moves. The key to boot camp training is to limit rest time between each exercise routine in order to get your heart pumping and burning calories quickly.

The boot camp trend was first launched in the late 90s; however, it took to high gear about a decade ago. A typical boot camp training sessions can last up to one hour where you get to burn 600 calories or more. In addition, you increase aerobic capacity and build muscular strength. Plus, our dedicated fitness instructor at Be Fit will help you and your friends stay motivated and inspired until you hit the last crunch.

Fitness boot camp is ideal for exercisers of varied levels, including beginners and the more advanced exercisers. Boot camp is also suitable for those looking to get into great shape, make it past the fitness plateau, drop excess pounds or even train for a competitive sporting event. Be prepared to workout like you’ve never done before!

If you are looking for a boot camp training program, Be Fit offers classes with a certified and experienced instructor.

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