Habits That Slow Down Your Fitness Progress

The road to fitness is never linear, it’s rarely without pitfalls or problems, which is all normal even for the most focused mind out there. No matter how consistent you are with your workout routine accompanied by personal trainers, there are many things that can slow down your fitness progress, especially if you’re not aware of them. Here are 5 such habits. 

Overlooking Nutrition 

Nutrition is intrinsically connected to your fitness regime. Your eating habits must support what you’re trying to achieve. If you overlook the nutritional elements in your workout plan then it will only slow down your progress. 

While it’s not exactly science-based, many professional personal trainers agree that nutrition accounts for at least 70% of the results you expect from a fitness program. You can work out as much as you want in the gym, but if your nutrition is not going to support that, it won’t make much progress, so be wise in planning your eating habits. 

Practicing Low Exercise Intensity

Health and fitness are two different things. If you’re looking to get healthy by losing a few pounds, lowering your blood pressure, or reducing the risk of heart diseases, then low-intensity exercises are fine. However, if you’re looking to become physically muscular or lean, then only intense exercise can help you achieve that. 

That is why for people like sprinters and bodybuilders, intense exercises are part of their training program. Intensity is what puts an adequate strain on your body; High-intensity exercises can be done either through intense cardio or weight training.  If you have the habit of skipping these exercises, then it’s about time to push yourself and turn up the intensity. 

Lack of Variety 

Following the same workout routine time and time again not only slows progress but can also be demotivating. If you’re reaching a point where your training schedule bores you, then maybe it’s time to mix it up a little. 

Take a look at your exercising habits; the number of steps, duration, repetitions, the environment, time of the day, the rest period between sets and so on.  Considering these and altering where you feel is necessary will reduce stagnation and renew your enthusiasm towards your progress. 

Inadequate And Poor Quality Sleep 

Remember that the work you do in the gym is only half of the story. Your sleeping habits and how healthy they are (both in terms of quantity and quality) is vital for any fitness regime. You can be lifting more or feeling better than before, but how it benefits your body, progress and goals come down to your sleep and the rest you’re having between sessions. 

The hormones that are responsible for allowing your muscles to repair, grow and burn fat are only active when you sleep. When you overlook your sleep habits, it will only hamper the progress you’re making up in the gym or while working out. 

While altering these habits can help you see improved progress in your fitness journey, it’s equally important to make sure you are guided by a well qualified and experienced trainer. No matter how hard you alter your habits or stay consistent, you still won’t see results if you’re not directed in the right direction. Nowadays there is easy access to even female personal trainers, so finding one to suit your expected goals and requirements is simple and hassle-free.

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