Increasing Fitness: What Does A Military Style Workout Include?

Military-style workout is a famous concept for health and fitness nowadays. While the general idea of this workout style is to try and replicate the workouts followed by the military, most of these workout styles are highly intensive. They may not be suitable for all, especially for beginners.

However, because of the popularity of military-style workouts, many instructors and trainees are now strategically incorporating these into a workout regime. It’s also believed that incorporating military-style workouts into your workout regime can make it easy for you to reach your fitness goals easily.

Contrary to popular belief, a military-style workout isn’t a common set of exercises that makes its style. The military-style workout usually differs for the army, marine corps, navy, coast guard, and air force. There is a separate workout style or regime for those joining the guard or reserve as well. 

So most training sessions or workout regimes designed by your personal trainer will usually be a selection of different military-style workouts. If you want to try a military-style workout regime, you should first talk to your personal fitness trainer. Only he/she would be able to give you a proper guide on a military-style workout routine that will suit your body and fitness goals. 

Common exercises included in a military-style workout

As we said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to military-style workouts. However, because it includes most of the high-intensive exercises, most of the military-style workout routines directed to you will try to mimic the intensity of basic training and will not duplicate the workouts exactly. Such military-style workouts include some or all of the following:

  • “High Knees”
  • Butt Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Overhead Squats To March
  • Reverse Lunges With Arm Raise
  • Running/Sprinting
  • Spider Steps
  • T Pushups
  • Weight Training (Free Weights/Dumbbells, Etc.)
  • Windmills

A female personal trainer may adjust, alter or change the intensity of these workouts to suit women’s body type.

Other approaches taken to a military-style workout 

Some trainers or instructors may include a few-week program to teach a military-style workout. These are usually designed to prepare people for certain military tryouts and fitness tests. 

In this, the exercises included in a military-style workout change for every week of the program. Usually, these programs include sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, running, marching with a heavy backpack, swimming, and more.

Usually, in such military workout sessions, timed workout efforts play a key role. Meaning you won’t be asked to do X number of push-ups; instead, you will be asked to do as many push-ups as you can within the given time limit. As such, endurance plays a major role in this approach to military-style workouts. Building the right amount of endurance takes time, practice, and, most importantly, dedication.

Most program-based approaches are taken to teach military-style workout includes some of the following:

  • Six pull-ups followed by 70 sit-ups or crunches.
  • Five pull-ups followed by 60 sit-ups or crunches.
  • Four pull-ups followed by 50 sit-ups or crunches.
  • Three pull-ups followed by 40 sit-ups or crunches.

If you’re looking to incorporate a military-style workout regime into your fitness routine, reach out to us at Be Fit. Our professional trainers can ensure to develop and provide a tailor-made military-style workout to boost your fitness journey.

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