6 Reasons To Start Martial Arts Classes

According to IBIS the martial arts sport (MAS) is expected to reach atleast $9.0bn in 2022. Specifically in the western, european, and middle-easterns countries martial arts sports have become more popular than ever. If you’re considering this sport, then it’s surely a great choice for both your physical and mental health. According to some professional personal trainers in Dubai, here is a round up of 6 solid reasons why you need to start taking martial arts classes. 


Increases Confidence 

The step-by-step process of practicing, learning through mistakes, improving, and finally succeeding at a given set of skills in martial arts significantly improves your perspective on self-image and gives a special boost of self-confidence. This is specifically beneficial in overcoming Glossophobia (Fear of Public Speaking) which is believed to affect at least 75% of the entire global population. 


Engaging Full-body Workout 

One of the major challenges of staying fit is committing to a consistent routine of full body workouts, which often gets boring after some time, especially if the set of exercises are not shuffled or replaced. If you’re looking for a new form of full body workout that doesn’t get boring but gives you a new  experience everyday then taking martial arts class is the answer. 


Consistent practice of MAS is shown to increase mobility and your body’s pressure response. And because most martial arts involve repeated muscular actions, overtime they build strength and burn fat. 

Easy Way To Learn Self Defense Skills 

One of the obvious things you learn from martial arts is the ability to perform  self-defense maneuvers in situations where there is a real threat. In most cases, this cannot be taught through basic exercises or other forms of regular workouts. 


According to recent data it is believed that on average an assault occurs every 73 seconds. If there is one reason you want to start martial art class for a reason aside from staying fit then it has to be to learn defense skills that can protect you from life-threatening and dangerous situations. You can consider training through a female personal trainer if your focus is only on developing these skills. 


Relieves Stress 

As martial arts is a sport that demands you to focus on the moment and at the present, it distracts you from other things that keep you worried in your busy lifestyle. It emphasizes you to take complete control of your breathing and thoughts which indirectly has an impact in controlling the release of cortisol (stress hormones) and promotes the release of dormaphine (happy hormones).


Improves Mental Stamina 

A recent research revealed that aerobic exercises like martial arts bring a positive physical change in the brain promoting  better memory and learning skills. The ame study also concluded that with a new case of dementia observed every four seconds globally,people can debilitate this condition by practicing in martial arts at an early stage. 


Improves Overall Health 

Those practicing martial arts have reported lower blood pressure and heart rates compared to those who don’t. As martial arts resembles H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) it has the potential to improve heart health, lower cholesterol, and provide stable regulation over blood sugar and insulin levels. All these together lets you enjoy pretty much all the physical benefits of a regular exercise without having to follow strict workout routines, run on treadmills for hours or lift weights. 


All you need to do to ensure you’re getting these full benefits is to find the right personal trainer and explain to them your expectations and goals. 

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