Encouraging Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes started way back in the 80s with a more aerobic approach to it, with gym goers wearing spandex and leotards. However, what started off as a more female oriented activity has got the attention of men and has become a popular trend at gyms, health clubs and with personal trainers. There’s always a thrill associated with training in a group setting. If you want to be part of a group class in Dubai and are curious to find out the benefits, let’s look at them now.

Training on your own can be a drag. Many of us need an external motivator. This can certainly improve if you workout with a personal trainer. On the other hand, exercising with a group of peers is highly motivational. You’ve got an instructor and there are people around you. They will push you to your limit, but within reason. A group class will keep you on your toes and your mind completely fresh and rejuvenated.

Many people who train at the gym don’t find it too challenging. After all, you are exercising alone and you can always slack if you want to, no one would notice. The workout is too easy and can get monotonous sometimes. A group exercise class will keep you challenged from start to finish. You will feel like working as hard as everyone else. This is the great thing about a group fitness class, you have your peers and as much as you want to do this for yourself, you will also want to impress your instructor.

There’s variety in a group fitness class. A personal trainer who is highly skilled and experienced will know how to add variety to a regular exercise routine. For instance, you can enjoy the outdoors just as much as training indoors, pilates or even boot camp may be part of group fitness.

In a group setting your progress will be checked on from time to time. There is really nowhere to hide. Unlike in a traditional gym setting, you can work if you like or if you don’t, you can skip it. In a group setting you are accountable to the rest of the group which means you cannot make excuses as to why you didn’t show up. The more you show up the more you will progress the way you are supposed to. Your personal trainer will be watching every single person, and if you need improvement they will be ready to lend a helping hand.

Group fitness classes are fun. It is not all about challenges, seriousness or routines. It is in fact enjoyable and adventurous. You get to share a great few hours with a group of peers who may become your friends. There’s an exciting element to being part of a group fitness class, and it is something you shouldn’t miss out on.


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