On a weight loss trip? Check out diets that work

What is the first thing a person does when they are gaining weight? Go on a diet of course! Weight loss diets have been discussed and debated for decades on end. The world has been taken over by diets, with a new diet fad emerging every week. There are many effective diets to choose from and there are millions of people that swear by it. However, newer and effective diets have emerged in recent years which have become popular in the process. Let’s have a look.

Alkaline Diet
The Alkaline Diet’s primary focus is to reduce the effect of foods that contain increased acidic levels in your blood. The diet consists of consuming green vegetables of two third quantity and meat and cheese of one third quantities in order to create an overall balance. If following this diet, you can consume protein, carbohydrate and fats. However, the main focus in on seasonal produce, raw, green vegetables and fruit.

Detox Diet
The Detox diet works just as the name suggests. The goal is to eliminate harmful toxins from one’s body. It is a three day detox, which requires people to consume one kind of food combined with liquids and fruits. The last two days will see cooked vegetables reintroduced followed by meat, fish or eggs.

Dukaan Diet
This is a popular diet amongst many people looking to lose weight quickly. It is a strict diet in the type of food you can consume; however, there is no limit to the quantities. The diet is consists of high protein and low calorie, eliminating excessive carbohydrates and fat. The first phase of the diet will see quick weight loss results, also called the attack phase that is known to last a week.

Blood Type Diet
Each of us has a different blood type which means people from A, B, AB and O shouldn’t consume the same kind of food. For instance, the A group should follow a diet made up of vegetables, fruits and cereal eliminating beer, meat and dairy products. If you are in the B group, your diet should consists of green vegetables, dairy products, meat and eggs while removing chicken, peanuts, lentils and corn. The O group should stick to vegetables and meat and avoid carbohydrate and dairy products.

Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is not only ideal for losing weight it is also good to maintain a healthy heart. This diet is made up of red wine, olive oil, tea, and vegetables containing antioxidants and flavonoids.

Paleo Diet
The Paleo diet is known as the Caveman diet and all you need to do is to consume your food like a caveman. This diet helps lose up to 1 kilogram per week. The caveman diet is made up of lean meat, fish, poultry, seafood, non starchy vegetables and fruits. When following this diet, you should avoid cereals, dairy products, fizzy drinks and processed foods.

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