5 successful ways to lose weight

Do you want to shed weight now that summer is drawing near? Do you have an upcoming event you want to squeeze into your tiny jeans for? We have a successful plan to help you lose weight minus the bizarre supplements, cutting out food groups or starvation. It is focusing on specific techniques combined with small sacrifices. This is not a one size fits all weight loss plan. It is an eating and exercise strategy that will fit your lifestyle.

Drinks lots of water
A fruit smoothie, sports drink, or energy drink contains 100 calories. Yet, these beverages cannot be compared to consuming 100 calories of food, which means they are a waste. Other liquids may contain high levels of carbohydrate or sodium which send signals to your body to retain water by making you feel boated. Water, contains zero calories, carbohydrate and little sodium if not at all, making it the perfect drink to slim down. It also helps remove excess water weight and gives your metabolism a jump start. If you find water boring, add mint leaves or lemon wedges.

Eliminate White Bread/Pasta
Cut out white grain products including pasta, white rice, spaghetti and sandwich rolls that will instantly make you leaner because these foods contain high levels of carbohydrate that result in bloating. Carbohydrates are digested quickly leading you to gain weight. Plus, it leaves you hungry tempting you to overeat later. Take it a step further and replace white grain with healthier whole grain products combined with vegetables. For instance, have a chicken salad instead of a chicken sandwich or chip and dips can be made into a delicious carrot and dip.

Do 30 minute cardio
When your heart rate goes up, you burn calories. Pick a cardio based exercise routine that uses multiple muscles simultaneously. Consider cardio kickboxing, spinning or boot camp workout.

Sleep 30 minutes more
Sleep an extra half hour which will not only leave you refreshed, but it will also help you make informed food choices. (In other words, no replacing breakfast with a quick sugar fix) You will feel energized and want to hit the gym, instead of being lethargic when you haven’t had proper sleep at night. Restful sleep also boosts your metabolism.

Cut out indulgences
Make one food sacrifice and cut out on an indulgence. This includes the chocolate chip dessert you sneak in after dinner or chips you gulp down with your lunch. This can eliminate hundreds of calories from your otherwise healthy diet. These calories only translate into flab. If you continue eating healthy meals, you wouldn’t notice the eliminated indulgences too much.

It certainly does take some work to eat healthier and stick to an exercise routine. What you need to do is to make simple lifestyle changes and more informed choices at mealtime. You can lose weight successfully and not sweat too much in the process.

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