Top 5 Best Spots To Go On A Morning Run In Dubai

Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or you are just starting, a morning run can be a great activity to include in your day. Not only is it easy to fit into a busy schedule, but you will also find that it is refreshing and enjoyable. When you wake up in the morning, you are well-rested and at peak energy levels, making it much easier to engage in exercise. While you can work with a personal trainer, if a run suits you better, you will be glad to know that there are several places in Dubai you can go to; we will explore the five best ones.


Dubai Water Canal

It is widely considered one of the most beautiful routes for runs and leisurely strolls. The Dubai water canal passes by skyscrapers in the Al Habtoor City and Business Bay and gives you gorgeous views when the sun rises. The terrain is also flat, which is excellent for your joints as it reduces impact stress. There are also a wide range of restaurants along the path, so once you are done, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast before heading to work. 


Burj Park

This park is located in the middle of Burj Lake and has a 5km long concrete circuit that is excellent for a run. There is plenty of greenery in the park, providing great scenic views, and you can also see the spectacular Burj Khalifa in the background. Its location just across the Dubai mall makes it ideal for having meals and ticking off chores such as grocery shopping off your list before heading to a self-defence class or work. 


La Mer

If you enjoy the sound of rolling waves and seagulls while breathing in the fresh salty air, then La Mer is perfect for you. The beautiful beach offers an excellent spot for a run as it has a wooden deck that provides stability to your feet. The boardwalk also passes by restaurants so you can refuel if needed. The views are awe-inspiring, as you can see the sun rise above the water. 


Al Barsha’s Pond Park

While there are several areas in Al Barsha that are great for a run, but the pond park is the superior choice. With a track of 1.2km, you can enjoy the serene and beautiful landscape while burning significant calories. Thanks to the pond, you also have a cold breeze that can help you stay cool throughout the run. There are also markings on the track every 100m to help you count how far you’ve been running.


Kite Beach

This has been a popular location in Dubai for a morning run for several years. While it may not have wooden deckings or a concrete track, it offers a joyful atmosphere that can help you feel rejuvenated. Many other people start their day here, from sports players to friends soaking up the morning sun. There are also eateries available where you can grab a quick snack. So if you enjoy liveliness in the morning, then this is the place for you.


These spots are all fantastic for morning runs, so make sure to check them out! For more information on physical fitness and tips for a healthy lifestyle, you can always speak to our male or female personal trainer at Be Fit. 

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