Techniques To Increase Your Fighting Endurance In Boxing

Unlike many other sports, although confined to a small ring, boxing requires a lot of endurance. Boxers can easily get tired after the first few rounds, and having a weak endurance means it’s a plus for your opponent and a big weakness for you. 

In fact, it’s best to say that your boxing skills can be fully effective and beneficial only if you don’t lose your fighting endurance throughout the match. Here are some interesting techniques that can help you do this according to personal trainers



One of the most popular techniques used to increase fighting endurance in boxing is to work on your cardio, which essentially focuses on increasing your body’s rate of oxygen absorption. As boxing is a sport that excessively depends on muscle and physical movement, they need oxygen to break down the glucose in your bloodstream to create energy. 

The more oxygen your body absorbs, the higher the available oxygen for your muscles to use for energy creation. This altogether means that you will be able to engage in more physical exercise while boxing without getting out of breath. Remember that having strong muscles will not do you any good in terms of endurance if your body can’t absorb enough oxygen to fuel those muscles. 

 Muscle Conditioning

The next best technique to fight endurance is to do muscle conditioning. In boxing, your muscles must be conditioned well enough to handle the repeated stress of a fight and to do that you need strong legs. You also need a strong core to generate power and well-conditioned shoulders and arms to throw hundreds of punches at high speed. 

What happens when most of the muscles you use while boxing are not conditioned is that they will experience fatigue quickly, making it difficult to fight and retain endurance for a longer time. 



This is one of the most common endurance activities for many sports. Usually many boxers do long-distance running for about 35-45 minutes. However, it’s often recommended to practise running techniques that can increase sports-specific endurance. In the case of boxing that is sprinting and resting. 

Ideally, you should practise running for two or three minutes at a time and then resting. Sprints are sports-specific to boxing mainly because they have a work and rest pattern that replicates a boxing match where there is rest in between rounds. Most matches have between three and ten rounds, so aim for that amount of sprints in your boxing class or sessions. 


Styles And Strategies 

There are many boxing styles and strategies that can help you engage in boxing and get the same job done with less energy and effort. Good boxing styles and strategies allow you to hit harder and faster with more precision and allow you to evade swiftly without compromising your position, saving energy. They also let you glide effortlessly across the canvas in and out of range as you please without much energy absorption, increasing your endurance capacity. 

One best way to practise this technique is to get a personal trainer or coach who is wiser and more seasoned than you, ask intelligent questions and learn from them. On the other hand, as they say, the experience can be your best teacher. Try different techniques, put them into practice and see what works and those that don’t. Then try something else, and repeat the process until you have a handful of styles and strategies that can personally help you increase your endurance. 

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