Physical fitness and activity is important to your daily life

Physical fitness is important, and this cannot be emphasized enough. We live in a society that is constantly moving, racing towards a new goal and forgetting about physical activity along the way. It is imperative we embrace daily physical activity in order to maintain body weight and cardiovascular fitness.

Your body needs to stay active and function at a high level. What your heart and lungs need most is regular physical exercise which effectively burns excess calories. Aside from maintaining body weight, physical activity will also improve endurance and increase joint flexibility. Another significant benefit is it helps curb health conditions including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer and cholesterol. The more you exercise the less likely you will need to be hospitalized for any serious medical condition.

Some people dread exercising while others find it relatively boring. The perspective on exercise should change; however, it can be enjoyable and is something that is adventurous if you incorporate sufficient variety into it. Regular fitness is known to alleviate depression, stress and anxiety. It is akin to taking an antidepressant. You can exercise with a companion or buddy. It is not something you need to do alone. Working out with a friend will certainly make fitness an exciting part of your daily lifestyle.

If you are wondering what kind of exercises to incorporate into your daily fitness routine, we can recommend swimming, biking, moderate activity like walking, jogging, hiking, or even organized sports. Your exercise routine should begin with a warm up of 5-10 minutes to prepare your body. This can be followed with a few minutes of stretching to lower risk of physical injury. Next, you can move onto selected exercise lasting up to 30 minutes and conclude by cooling down and stretching for another 5 minutes.

Everyone needs physical fitness. People should remain active throughout their lives. Do not let old age be an obstacle to regular physical activity. Adulthood is the best time to maintain physical fitness as it helps build strong bones and maintain your weight. If you maintain good physical activity starting from your early twenties, you can be certain you will continue to be physically strong and fit as you grow older. The fitter you are, the less likely you will be prone to falling ill. Remember, as you grow older it is not just colds and coughs that bring you down. There is a high risk of serious medical conditions.

Doctors recommend regular physical activity when you are young, in order to prevent such conditions which is common amongst people over the age of 55. Who wouldn’t want to have clean bill of health even in their old age? Make physical activity and exercise fun and exciting. Incorporate activities you enjoy, that will lift your spirit and do the necessary work in the process.

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