Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise

Hitting the gym is common nowadays to build muscle, improve cardiovascular health and get a toned body. According to studies your brain too can get a boost from exercising. Whilst physical benefits of exercise are more obvious, there are tremendous mental health benefits which can lead to a happier and healthier life.

Reduce Stress
If you’ve had a stressful day at work, exercise is a popular mental benefit to relieve stress. You can go for a quick workout to the gym. The adrenalin pumping into your brain will give your body the physical stress relief it needs after a rough day. Working out is the ideal way to reduce stress and relieve the mental tension one feels after a long day.

Boost Good Feelings
Yes, you may be tired and walking a few miles can be tough, however, it is an effort worth making. Endorphins are released when one exercises creating a good feeling in your mind and body. For instance, if you struggle with clinical depression studies have shown exercise alleviates depressive episodes. It is recommended for those struggling with anxiety disorders and depression. For some people, exercising is akin to taking antidepressants and is just as effective. To boost your overall mood, get into the habit of exercising for half an hour everyday.

Increase in Self Confidence
The more physically fit you are the more likely you will feel good about yourself. Physical fitness will improve self esteem and confidence. It will bring about a positive self image. Whatever your age, gender or weight, physical fitness will help a person look at themselves differently.

Enjoying Nature
Exercising allows you to enjoy the outdoors and the great nature. Taking your workout outdoors makes it more refreshing and fun. Adding variety to your regular workout routine takes away the need to get bored quickly. Fresh air and sunshine are known to do wonders for one’s happiness and self confidence.

Exercising with a Trainer
Take on a personal trainer in Dubai and create a fixed routine with the aim of achieving overall health and fitness goals. A personal trainer will develop a productive exercise program catering to specific requirements of the participant. A trainer is highly certified and knowledgeable with the expertise of how much is enough. You will learn to use equipment with proper technique preventing any injury. You will also have the constant guidance and one on one attention from an expert health trainer in Dubai.

Avoiding Cognitive Decline
It is a hard truth as we age our brains become less cognitive than before. Important brain functions are lost in the aging process with some people getting age related diseases like dementia. Exercising regularly and eating a well balanced diet will minimize the likelihood of your brain going into cognitive decline. Exercising is said to boost brain function and prevent degeneration of important brain cells. Additionally, new brain cells are created through routine workouts. According to studies done in recent years, cardiovascular exercise has shown to improve the overall performance of the brain.

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