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Are you concerned about gaining too much weight and losing your shape and agility? At the same time, are you a little worried about heading to a gymnasium as you believe that they are impersonal and that you won’t get much benefit out of it as you don’t have any awareness about using those exercise machines on your own? Do you also feel that even if you actually start going to a gym, that you will lose motivation and stop after a few days?

If you are entertaining doubts of this nature about an exercise programme which you want to commence, personal health trainers are the solution for you. Their popularity has been rising across the world, including in Dubai and the Middle East.

There are many reasons for this growing popularity of personal trainers. They help people maximise the benefits that accrue to them from fitness programmes by customising unique programmes to suit each person. The trainee’s health and medical issues, age, physical fitness or the lack of it, their background and lifestyle beside their individual requirements are all taken into account by professional fitness trainers before designing suitable programmes for them.

This results in the most appropriate training programme for each individual which wouldn’t create unnecessary strain on them due to medical conditions they may already be suffering from, as the personal trainers have already listened to all their worries and concerns. There is also more motivation for a person to be serious about his/her fitness routine when there is a personal trainer behind them, guiding them every step of the way.

Working with personal trainers has proven benefits in improving cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance and coordination, hence their popularity. Body fat reduction, weight reduction or management, body shaping and toning also give better results under their guidance.

Health trainers are not just about exercises though. They also help people develop healthier behaviour and lifestyles. They provide practical support for people who want to change their behaviour to achieve their personal goals in life. Their functions may also include advising people to participate in increased physical activity, eat healthier, drink sensibly and stop smoking. Their ability to motivate people have a major role to play. Explaining how a healthy lifestyle can benefit a person or groups of people is an important part of their work so having good rapport and being able to empathise with others is one of their main strengths.

Be Fit, the fitness company belonging to Be Unique Group, is known for the best personal health trainers in Dubai. Their professionalism and experience have given them the edge over others offering the same services. Headed by Xhaferr, who is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to fitness and nutrition, the well-trained and courteous personal trainers of Be Fit will help you achieve all your fitness goals.

The increasing popularity of this health and fitness company is due to not always relying on machines, the ability to train and achieve goals wherever they are using whatever they have (nature, desert, park, beach or garden), the creation of their own programmes which are adapted for each client and motivating and inspiring people to push themselves further and beyond their mind when it says no. The end result is an educated and disciplined human being who is fitter, happier and unique.

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