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We all tend to stereotype a little. This person doesn’t look like they can cook a world-class meal. That person would never bungee jump from a bridge. In fact, sometimes we go so far as to infuse these stereotypes within ourselves. I’m not the type to practice Reiki. Or I’m too unfit to learn boxing. Speaking of boxing, this sport has nothing to do with stereotypes and everything to do with breaking them. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about donning a pair of boxing gloves and leashing your inner fury on whoever happens to be standing in front of you in the ring. Yes, the image of Mike Tyson biting off his opponent’s ear does briefly come to mind when the word boxing is mentioned,  but let our trainers show you that this is not what boxing is all about. This combat sport requires mental agility, discipline, and strategy and it’s only when these three are combined, that the physical part of the sport shines through. We’re not here to convince you to take it up as a sport but rather as a fitness activity. Men and women of all ages are realizing that adding boxing to their fitness routine enables them to acquire the same athletic abilities with none of the added pressure required to compete in the ring.

In It For The Long Run


Most adults begin their workout and within 10 minutes they’re lying flat on the ground breathless. This is known as low endurance. Working in line with your heart’s capabilities has a lot to do with the level of cardiovascular fitness that works for you. Before you even put on your gloves, you need to get your heart pumping and increase your oxygen intake. Jumping rope, which is one of the primary warm-up exercises in boxing, is one of the best ways to do so. The higher your aerobic endurance, the more efficiently your body transports oxygen to wherever it is required. And while these numbers reign supreme from your teens to your mid-thirties, their decline should only encourage you to continue to maintain a stellar fitness routine as you age. Enter boxing. Remember that better cardiovascular health helps control blood pressure, maintain a lower resting heart rate and even helps avoid future heart diseases.


Nothing happens overnight, including the ability to wield an immense amount of physical strength. It’s good to want to become stronger but unrealistic to think you will be able to punch through a wall just because you have taken up boxing. The amazing thing to learn about this sport, however, is that the entire body is engaged when you are using your arms to deliver a punch. Because the power comes from your legs and the torque from your midsection, the energy is first transferred up to your chest before the arms and shoulders join in to deliver the final strike. So when we say the entire body comes into play, we mean the entire body. It is these basic movements which then help strengthen key muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. And then it’s just a box, rest, repeat pattern, which will assist you in enduring the present workout and taking the next one a level up.

Confidence Is Key

While it may come as a surprise, boxing is known to improve self-esteem and increase confidence levels along with endurance and strength. And why not? While you are training your body to become stronger, leaner, healthier, and quicker, you are simultaneously exercising your mind to work out strategies and build discipline. You are improving your coordination and strengthening your bones and joints. Your fighting spirit both mentally and physically is sure to shine bright readying you to dive into challenging situations with determination and come out smiling with satisfaction on the other side.

Mind Over Matter

One of the biggest reasons that encourages someone to exercise is when they need to relieve a bucket load of stress. What you’re looking to do here is find a safe way to relieve tension and aggression without actually hurting anybody. While you are at it, you can increase the production of endorphins, decrease muscle tension and invite calm. Requiring your full concentration, boxing is bound to make you forget your worries and help you destress. Just switch off from all your problems and live in the present while you give your 100% to the session. Once your workout is done, you may feel like all your energy’s gone out the window but rest assured it is bound to have taken all your negative energy with it as well.

Let It Burn

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We’re talking about calories here, you know those units of energy which are constantly held in contempt by all those looking to lose weight, although they really should be lauded for the fact that they are working hard to reduce their count even when you are sleeping. Granted when muscles work harder, like when exercising, their numbers tend to decrease at a rapid rate. Depending on the specific activity you are doing in boxing, no matter how little or how many calories you’re burning, remember that you are also consistently increasing your metabolism. So even if you don’t end up burning your ideal number right then and there, you have highly increased the chances of keeping your weight under control. Seeing as boxing classes are based around high-intensity exercises, get ready for your heart to start beating louder, your lungs to exhale air quicker and your body to burn calories faster.

Adult boxing may seem like an intimidating activity, especially as you are not getting any younger, but here’s where you are wrong. This fitness routine doesn’t only seek the muscular and athletic but also the determined and passionate. One may think it’s about using all the strength you can muster to throw random punches in the air, but this is far from the truth. A lot of concentration and practice will be required for the choreographed consistency required by the numerous boxing combinations. Once uppercuts, jabs and hooks become your new mantra, you’ll know you’re starting to become one with your routine. If you want to make your body healthier, your mind stronger, your coordination faster and your confidence higher, sign up for a boxing class today. At Be Fit, our qualified instructors will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right fit for both your body and your schedule.

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