Boost Energy in the Mornings

Do you enjoy jumping out of bed early morning? Are you the type of person that’s brimming with energy looking forward to the start of a new day? The truth is not many people fit this bill. Many of us wake up feeling cranky and grumpy with ourselves and with the world in general. We want to crawl back into bed just as soon as that annoying cuckoo bird alarm howls. Why not turn it around? Boost your energy in the morning. Here are some tips to make your morning more pleasant.

Sleep Well at Night

Yes, a good night’s sleep matters. You can’t feel chirpy in the morning if you’ve gone to bed late at night or if you’ve tossed and turned trying to get some sleep. It is recommended adults get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Set a routine; retire to bed and rise at the same time for a week to get your body used to a new morning routine.

Get up Early

Avoid waking up too late, where your energy is spent rushing to work making you feel stressed before the day even stars. It’s not going to be a productive day if you are already stressed and exhausted. Give yourself time to eat, wash and exercise which will make you feel better right throughout the day.

Surround yourself with Things you Love
Surround yourself with things you like and enjoy, whether it is framed photos of loved ones, your kids, family members, your favorite flowers or music on your favorite radio station.

Brighten your Room

Let the sun shine brightly into your room. Roll up the window shade and let the light seep through. Sunlight is your bran’s wake up signal, and in fact, it can boost your alertness.


Drink plenty of water and juices throughout the day. Start your day with a few sips of water to get your kidneys functioning well. Avoid too much caffeine, as it will only offer short term alertness.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Refueling in the morning is a must. Breakfast is important, so eat something healthy. Incorporate protein into your breakfast; it will keep you alert throughout the day. Do not include sugar doughnuts or other sugary foods. A good breakfast should be made up of cereal, whole grain toast, eggs, low fat dairy and fresh fruit. You can always make a protein smoothie from low fat yogurt or fresh fruits.

Take Supplements

Take multivitamins regularly to supplement your breakfast. Make certain you get your B vitamins daily. Lack of vitamins can result in fatigue.
It is time to Exercise

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