The Best Places To Workout With Your Personal Trainer

Exercise anywhere is good! If you are following a regular fitness routine with your personal trainer, you would feel a natural high after a good workout. A good fitness routine will not only deal with the physical aspects of your body, but the mental and emotional elements as well. For instance, regular exercise is known to reduce daily stress and anxiety. Working out in natural environments including parks and forests has a positive effect on mood, stress and fatigue. Recently published findings indicate natural environments trigger positive effects for your emotional wellbeing. It shows how the park or forest offers a greater benefit not just for your physical health, but mental health as well.

Fresh air and fitness combined offers a calming effect and one that only outdoor exercise can do. The beautiful scenery is enough when feeling tired and fatigued to make you forget you are working hard. Workplace stress that results in depression and anxiety are given a free release when working out in nature.

There are free fitness corners at nature reserves and parks. If you want to experience being in the gym, but not really inside it, what’s better than parks and town councils that tend to be fully equipped fitness corners for people to workout regularly? There is everything you need in these fitness corners which are free of charge. You can workout with your personal trainer to add a new twist to your fitness routine. Some of these exercise stations come equipped with leg press, chest press, balance beams, pull-up bars, stretch bars and sit-up benches.

Jogging and brisk walking are other great ways to keep fit. It gets your blood circulating faster as you indulge in the peace and quiet which goes hand in hand with your physical effort. Grab your personal trainer, listen to your favorite songs on your playlist and choose a jogging or hiking trail. If you prefer the city, you can explore new urban spots whilst working out.

Workout space doesn’t have to be a top notch, professionally setup gym. You can create your own workout space right inside your home. Use a little imagination and everyday objects to create the perfect home gym. Whether it is empty bottles filled with water or sand to be used as free weights, walls as pillars, staircase to climb up and down, the couch as leverage for your stomach crunches, heavy chairs for leg stretches and you are ready to roll!

Get together as a group and find your favorite spot to exercise. Group exercising with a personal trainer is another popular fitness trend that comes with its own set of benefits. What do you enjoy doing together? Playing football, rugby or Frisbee? You will not only workout but learn new team building skills in the process. If you see people in your neighbourhood jogging regularly, jog with them around the block. You will not only get fitter, you will also make friends!

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