Achieve Good health and mental wellbeing

People underestimate good health mattes. In our busy lifestyle, we don’t have the time to think of good health, fitness and mental wellbeing. We are sidetracked by the daily chores, ups and downs of work, relationships, family and social life. All this takes up most of our time and we are left with little or no time to think healthy and be fit. This is a disservice we are doing to ourselves. In order to carry on in our daily activities, we need good health. Good health is not just having a fit body; it is also being of sound mind. If your mind is unhappy, the body will not do any better.

Mental health to have a strong and balanced outlook on life 

We all need good mental health to enjoy life for what it is. Good mental health offers you the inner strength and serenity to go on and be amongst things that bring you happiness and peace. Most people know what to do to care for the physical part of their lives. We understand regular exercise and fitness is needed to keep our bodies healthy. What most people don’t know is what to do when their mental health fails? To keep your mind healthy and strong you need a right balance between nutrition and exercise.

Healthy eating plan

Not many of us realize but consuming unhealthy food can have a negative impact on our minds. If your diet consists of the right calories and right foods, it will give you the right amount of energy. Do not consume too much alcohol, sugar or saturated fat. If the foods you consume keep your stomach full and energize you, your mind too will be energized and alert. Without proper energy, you can become irritable, tired and sad. Consume food containing fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein to keep your energy levels up, but maintaining a healthy weight at the same time.

Physical activity to increase good mental health

Exercise is imperative to maintaining good mental health. When you stay active, your mind stays alert. When you exercise regularly, it will have long term benefits not just physically but also emotionally. Your mind will become better at balancing your emotions. Set aside half an hour every day to exercise. This keeps your heart active and beating. Psychiatrists have recommended regular exercise for people suffering from anxiety or depression. It is almost like taking antidepressant medication. During physical exercise your body produces endorphin which is a hormone that relieves stress and anxiety. When your mood is improved it can alleviate depression and anxiety.

Mind exercise is important

As much as physical exercise is important, so is mental exercise. Keep your mind alert as much as your body active. For example, do crossword puzzles, read the national geographic, watch science fiction, calculate sums, play scrabble or chess. These activities are not just brain teasers they are also highly enjoyable.

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