Achieve fitness goals with your personal trainer

A top fitness trend in recent years is personal training which ranks above boot camps and core training classes. It is an investment worth making as many people around the world are figuring out these days. When working with a personal trainer one must establish an optimal health and fitness relationship. First and foremost, you would be spending a lot of time with your personal trainer. It is imperative you take on someone you have natural chemistry and a sense of trust with. Second, you must be willing to put in your share of the work. You may be new to exercise or you may be someone who has worked on your own before; however, a personal trainer will give you an extra nudge.

If you’ve been visiting the health club off and on but never seeing the results you’d hope for you will eventually flounder, get frustrated and stop working out. What you need is affirmation and this is something a personal trainer is trained to give. You need someone that will direct you, someone more knowledgeable and someone that will motivate. Taking on a personal trainer for many people is an individualized choice. It is a meeting of two happy minds, priorities, personalities and expectations.

As the first important step it is important to meet potential trainers. Personal trainers are highly qualified and certified. Before you begin your first training session your objectives must be discussed with the trainer. Based on these objectives the trainer will design a tailor made exercise program to suit specific requirements. The personal trainer will consider assessment drills which include a measure on things like balance, posture, strength and flexibility. Additionally, you may be asked to measure cardio fitness, body weight and body fat percentage. If you haven’t worked out in recent years or are out of shape your fitness regime may include a period of training to build fitness and prevent injury.

Whilst the training program will hold you accountable and keep you disciplined, your personal trainer will tweak it as you make improvements in the following weeks. On days you may be working out by yourself, a trainer will carefully map out specific exercises combined with sets and reps. The training program should incorporate not just your strengths but your weaknesses as well.

Do you sync well with your trainer? Pay attention to this fact in the first couple of weeks. Do you communicate well? Do you understand what they are trying to say? What is the body language like? Do you feel encouraged? Motivated? A good relationship will bring out the best in you and this is true of your personal trainer. People have different styles and what they respond to is also different. Some people want a boot camp approach whilst others prefer a gentler and understanding one.

The trainer’s goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The personal trainer is an adaptable resource, who will be open to answering questions, educating, addressing concerns and offer you whatever you need to help you incorporate health and fitness as a permanent lifestyle fixture.

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