5 Ways To Stay In Shape With Boxing

There’s a reason why boxing classes in Dubai is so popular with celebrities and models. It’s the workout choice for many people as it serves as both a cardio and endurance exercise and it’s a great way to channel your badass side.

People are attracted to boxing as a sport and workout because it is fun and exciting. Not to mention, it also provides drastic improvements to better health and wellness. Boxing classes in Dubai is absolutely amazing for those looking to lose weight and get fit.

Here are seven tips to get the most out of this thrilling exercise:


  1. Work Your Core With Z Punches 


As with most sports, core strength is important for optimum performance. While sit-ups are a convenient way of improving core muscles, a core exercise that is more vigorous and boxer-friendly incorporates “z-sit” punches.

A z-sit punch exercise involves sitting flat on the ground with your knees, one leg bent behind you and the other bent in front of you and the base of your foot on top of the quad of the other leg.  Hold this position and punch in both the right and left directions. Change the position of your legs after one side is done and repeat the process with the other side.


  1. Sweat it Out


Boxers cut the last few pounds by training at an intense pace before hitting the scale. Because most of your body weight comes from liquids, you can quickly drop weight by enrolling in a boxing class in Dubai, sweating it out on a treadmill, spinning in a sauna, or jogging with garbage bags on to keep body heat. 


  1. Make Your Footwork, Work


Boxing is not just a matter of punching. You also have to be in a position where your opponent will find it hard to punch you. This is a fundamental principle in boxing that conveys how important footwork is.

Ladder drills, side-to-side movement, pivots are some of the foot exercises that are essential for your feet to stay fast and light.


  1. Boxing and Dieting Goes hand-in-hand


When you begin to see weight loss after the first few sessions, don’t forget to enhance your workout over time by integrating your workout with other classes like cardio fitness, or Zumba, and eating healthy.

Both boxing and dieting go hand in hand. You can stay in shape throughout the year with a good diet. You can also learn various types of boxing, rotating techniques and practicing boxing combinations.

You can lose weight by creating a sustainable diet and maintain it. It’s all about burning enough calories, keeping your weight loss goal in mind as a source of motivation, and eating a healthy, balanced diet.


  1. Carbs Can Be Of Help


It is necessary to have carbs before and after a strenuous workout on a basic nutritional level, and protein after. This is not to say that after exercising you don’t need to replenish either, but carbs are as important to the energy required during a workout as protein is required for recovery.


  1. Improve Your Lower Body Strength


Did you know that a boxing ability does not rely solely on the upper body, but also from the force of the lower body? Classic squats, walking lunges, and unilateral leg presses are the best workouts a boxer can do to improve lower body strength.


  1. Stretch It Out


Similar to recovery, stretching is incredibly important to make sure you get the most out of your workout. The cross arm stretch, the overhead triceps stretch, and the doorway stretch are some of the greatest upper body positions for boxers.

Use the spread eagle stretch, the stork or quad stretch, and the hamstring stretch standing for the lower body.


Final Thoughts


Boxing is a fantastic overall body health exercise in addition to general muscle toning and its weight loss benefits. It also helps improve your posture and balance, overall athletic performance, reduce back pain and enhance your quality of sleep.

By following the tips above, you’ll be able to make the most out of boxing. 

Our certified instructors will work on helping you build strength and stamina. Within the first few weeks of joining you will begin to see major changes to your fitness levels, as well as your physical appearance. 

After the initial stage of training is completed, you can move to the next level and more advanced combinations of boxing. It’s perfect for both one-on-one with a trainer and also groups. 

If you’re a group of friends looking to workout together, cross sparing with our trainers are both fun and great workout experience.

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