5 Best Exercises You Can Do in a Tiny Space

Tiny homes and flat-sharing are common and cost-effective alternatives to owning a house. They are budget-friendly, easier to maintain, and easily accessible, however, as the name implies, they’re tiny. While there are several advantages of having a tiny space, it might mean less space for hobbies or exercising. In reality, there are actually several effective workouts with minimal equipment that can definitely be done in limited spaces. 


Stretching Exercises

Flexibility exercises focus on improving a person’s range of motion. These workouts help make moving more comfortable, effectively improving workout routines in the long run. They also help in loosening up the buildup of tension in the muscles. These exercises are very easy to do in a tiny space as they would only require space about the size of a standard exercise mat. Most workouts under this category do not require any equipment but you can slowly incorporate resistance bands for an upgrade. 

  • The triceps stretch

You can do this simple workout by kneeling, sitting, or standing with your feet apart about the distance of your hips and your arms extended overhead. Then, slowly bend an elbow behind your head and reach towards your mid-back. Use your other arm to hold the area just below the other elbow for support.  Alternate between arms and repeat. With stretching exercises, make sure not to over-exert yourself. 

  • Knees-to-chest stretch

This exercise is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is lie on your back and bend your knees. Slowly bring one knee towards your chest. Hold, and then lower the leg into the original position. Repeat with the other knee. This exercise is perfect for those who spent most of the day sitting down as it focuses on stretching the lower back.

  • Standing quad stretch

To start this exercise, stand with your feet close together. Then, slowly bend a knee and use a hand to pull your foot as close to your butt as you can and hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and alternate between legs. Try to do this exercise beside a wall or a chair for balance.



Yoga is an age-old practice that promotes overall balance in a person’s health. It improves flexibility, endurance, and breathing and also helps with relaxation. Some of the most popular types are Bikram yoga, hatha yoga, and hot yoga but several others are being practised all over the world. Yoga is one of the best exercises you can easily do in a tiny space and the bonus part is that it’s a mostly-quiet type of workout to do – perfect for apartment-sharing. 

  • The Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

This pose is generally considered as one of the foundations of yoga poses. To do this yoga move, firmly plant your feet together and place your arms at your sides. Then, slowly straighten your legs until you feel a stretch in your thigh muscles. Extend your arms up as you take a deep inhale and then release your shoulder blades away from your head, toward the back of the waist as you exhale. Gently lower your arms to your sides to regain your original position. This move may seem simple but consistent repetition could greatly improve flexibility and balance.


Endurance training workouts

As the name says, this type of workout focuses on increasing the heart rate and breathing for extensive periods. They are greatly beneficial for losing weight and combating illnesses such as hypertension, heart attacks, and stroke. 

  • Squat jumps

A great alternative to walking or jogging is the squat jump. To perform this workout, stand with your feet about hip-width apart and place your arms on your sides. Slowly bend your knees until you do a squat. From this position, jump until your body is in an upright position. For beginners, doing 2-3 sets for 3-5 reps is recommended.

A tiny space shouldn’t deter you from being your fittest self yet. Making good choices in what you put into your body and working out consistently will guarantee a long but successful journey to achieve your fitness goals.

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