Weight Loss Goals On Your Mind; Try Yoga

People may not think of yoga as a sweat inducing, calorie burning, boot camp workout, but do not be fooled. Its slow poses and deep breathing can tone your body and also serve your emotional and mental wellbeing and help you lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Experts claim yoga helps burn 180 to 360 calories per hour. Many yoga instructors combine yoga with kickboxing or dance to accelerate calorie burning. A typical yoga class in Dubai lasts up to 90 minutes and its deep breathing techniques help flush out toxins and give you a fantastic physical workout. One of the main benefits of yoga is you are deeply tuned into your body. You get the signal that your stomach is full or your body cannot digest certain foods properly.

It is not always the hardcore exercise that will help you achieve weight loss, ironically restorative and gentle yoga too can help. You become tuned to your inner signals which include hunger and craving. Remember there is a difference between feeling hungry and craving for food you don’t need. You certainly need food to feed your body but you don’t need food that will not nourish it.

Yoga also pulls back on emotional impulses and helps you slow down. You learn to control the frequent urges you may have to eat whenever you feel like it. It helps you differentiate when you are really hungry, which makes way for better food choices that helps you lose weight.

Yoga comes with countless number of physical benefits. All postures deliver and address detoxification. This encourages purification of body and mind. It eradicates the stagnant waste in your body that usually affects weight loss and helps bring your weight down. Although there are different types of yoga for burning calories, calming the mind, toning your muscle and achieving inner peace, if your goal is to lose weight, yoga practice in general is one of the most effective exercise routines. Power yoga is what you should be focusing on if you want to burn calories and keep the pounds off.

Yoga offers long term results, and this is what most exercisers are looking for in terms of achieving weight loss goals. Yoga practitioners eat more mindfully, they know when they are full and avoid emotional eating. Yoga classes in Dubai teach self-awareness, which is key to losing weight and having a great body.

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