Lose Weight With Yoga With These Best Tips

You’ve probably heard plenty about yoga and have even seen yoga classes and studios wherever you go. What about losing weight? Where does this fit with yoga? If you want to lose weight and become lean, yoga classes in Dubai can help you.

Do you know the main ingredient to losing weight? You have to build a deficit of calories. If you burn more calories compared to the calories you consume, it leads to weight loss. Yoga classes go up to 90 minutes sometimes. According to recent research conducted an exerciser can burn up to six calories per minute doing yoga. This equates to around 360 calories for the duration of the class. Depending on the intensity and type of yoga, you may be able to burn more calories than when practicing yoga at a slower and gentler pace. Regardless, it is one of the most effective calorie burn and metabolic boosting systems.

It is not just that practicing yoga keeps your weight off, it also helps you maintain a healthy and balanced weight. A study was conducted which surveyed both middle aged women and men and found that those who practiced yoga regularly were less likely to struggle with weight gain in their later years than those who didn’t.

There are possible reasons why yoga classes in Dubai continue to be an effective way to lose weight.

It effectively manages your stress which minimizes the risk of stress eating

You have an increased awareness of your body relating to hunger and satiety

You are mindful of what you put in your mouth

Did you know that yoga massages the organs in your body? It is perhaps the only activity that massages your organs and glands in a thorough manner. This includes your prostrate, for instance, which almost never gets stimulated during exercise or any other physical routine. Yoga is wholesome and touches various parts of your body. This massaging and stimulation helps decrease the ris of you getting likely onset disorders or diseases.

Yoga certainly has a place in a regular exercise routine and it encourages the individual to minimize calorie intake and maintain lean muscle. The yoga system is a combination of cardiovascular activity and resistance training. Yoga can also be used as flexible training and active recovery in-between intense workouts. With countless benefits of minimizing stress and anxiety, leading to improved sleep, increased self awareness and better sleeping habits, over time yoga classes in Dubai will also help you achieve weight loss goals.

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