Why Kids Boxing Can Be A Great Summer Activity For Your Children

Dubai summer is here, and unlike other years, the pandemic has left many of us spending summer inside our homes with nothing much to do in terms of water activities. Parents especially are having a hard time figuring out ways to keep their children entertained and engaged during summer. While boxing may sound unusual as a summer activity, here we have put together 3 reasons how it can be a great summer activity to keep your children happy, healthy, and engaged while school is out. And as parents have the option of opting for a personal trainer or female personal trainer in Dubai, this can be a safe (in terms of hygiene) and an individual-focused activity. 


Knowing how to protect oneself, be it at school or out in society, is critical nowadays, especially at young ages. Boxing is a great way to help your children develop techniques or methods they need for self-protection and the confidence to use them when necessary. 

Boxing will teach your kids how to avoid being hit or attacked by another and helps to create angles for punches to make them a relatively smaller target in situations of attack. Besides, apart from being idle at home in summer, through boxing, your kids can also learn self-discipline principles like knowing when to walk away, de-escalate from a risky situation and make them aware of problems for which boxing is required.

Keeps your kids out of trouble 

Apart from the typical summer entertainment activities, you can use summer as a constructive sport to let your kids escape negative feelings and bad influences. Be it illegal activities like underage drinking, drug usage, or other unethical activities, boxing can help your kids stay away from all these unnecessary troubles. This is because boxing is a sport that comprehensively emphasizes self-discipline thus can go a long way in keeping your kids out of trouble at an early stage. In truth, many adults prefer boxing as a hobby because of its streamlined approach to self-discipline. 

Confidence Building

Boxing is a great way to re-boost or even improve the confidence levels in children, which can help them resume school after summer with a much healthier state of mind to focus on academics or sports activities. In boxing, once you get in the ring, you feel like you can accomplish anything in life. In addition, activities like punching the heavy bag help lower social anxiety and even drive out aggression and stress, which all make one feel accomplished, thereby boosting confidence levels. 

As you can see, boxing can be a great way to involve your kids in the summer to build skills that can benefit them in different phases of school and social life. So apart from the typical water activities that we engage our kids in during summer, appropriately coordinating time and schedule, incorporating boxing sessions as part of your child’s summer holidays can definitely be a much more productive, healthy, and fun way to utilize summer. 

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