Boxing For Children: 5 Basic Techniques That Your Kids Can Harness Their Potential

Boxing is always seen as a controversial sport for kids. As a result, some parents are reluctant to encourage kids into this sport, even if they have a keen interest. So here we have broken down how basic boxing techniques can help your kids harness their potential in unique ways than many other sports. 


Fighting using fists is something that comes naturally to many of us. If you have seen adults and kids when fighting, they make use of their fists. We usually hold our fists in front of our faces and attack by punching with the fist. It’s more like throwing punches. But often, when kids or adults fight so, they get injured. 

Punching is the action that forms the basic technique of boxing but is taught more strategically by personal fitness trainers. Knowing to punch strategically, with appropriate punching techniques, can help your kid fight back in a way that can protect him/her from injuries. In fact, in boxing, the only attacking move allowed is punching. Head-butting, holding, throwing, or even kicking are not allowed. 

The basic punching techniques in boxing coordinate with a set of disciplined head and foot movements. So even if your kids get into a fight, they wouldn’t be the easiest to target as boxers. This goes a long way in helping your kid harness both potential body strength and confidence when it comes to self-defense. 

Cardio calisthenics

This is another basic technique or more of a functional bodyweight exercise taught in boxing, which requires minimal equipment. The basic workouts included in this exercise are push-ups, squats, planks, and jumping exercises for beginners. 

Cardio calisthenics is a basic boxing technique used to harness your child’s mobility, reduced injury risk and strength. Cardio calisthenics warms up a body and develops appropriate body characteristics to make it more suitable for boxing. 

While this isn’t a technique directly used when boxing, it’s unavoidable in the program. However, this technique builds endurance congruently with strength, helping your kids harness their potential in body strength. 


This is more of a technique where a boxer moves around by him/herself, throwing punches in the air. Attentiveness, focus, and clear goals in mind are essential for this technique. In addition, it aims to improve other boxing techniques, footwork, offense and defense, rhythm, speed, endurance, power, strength, and overall fighting abilities. 

Because shadow boxing is a technique that focuses on the mind more, it helps in developing your kid’s muscle memory. This comes as a result of repeating certain moves over and over again. Good muscle memory allows your kids to perform complex tasks at school with ease and accuracy. Like so, the shadow boxing technique can help your kids harness their future potential towards better academic progress.

Bag work 

Bag work is another technique that is practiced or trained using a punching bag. A punching bag is a stuffed or inflated heavy bag that is cylindrical or pear-shaped. Practicing this technique using a heavy bag can make your kids feel healthier overall and boost their confidence because it increases strength, energy, and stamina. 

Kids get tired easily, especially during school days, due to less stamina, making it difficult for them to focus effectively on homework or other academic tasks. So, in that case, bag work is a basic boxing technique that can harness your kid’s potential towards academic focus.

Bag work equally improves strength and courage, as it involves punching against a heavy bag, thereby improving confidence levels. This, in turn, can harness your kid’s potential towards handling tough situations or experiences in life with confidence and courage. Enhancing confidence is also a great way to get your child out of social anxiety, stage fear, or any other problems with socialization as a result of poor confidence.

Basic self-defense techniques 

Boxing is a sport that has some of the best striking techniques. The very basic step towards learning boxing is practicing different offensive and defensive techniques. 

These basic self-defensive techniques in boxing are considered important even in mixed martial arts. So even if you may not want your child to be a boxer, learning the basic self-defensive techniques of boxing can harness your kid’s potential in defending themselves in harmful or risky situations.  

A personal trainer would be the best option for your kid to learn basic boxing techniques as it gives undivided attention. Suppose you’re in search of a personal trainer in Dubai. In that case, we at Be Fit, with our professional and experienced trainers, can ensure your kids get an exceptional private training session to harness their potential.

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