Types Of Exercises To Get You Healthy And Lose Weight

When you have got into a routine to of regular exercise, there is no point in doing it haphazardly. The routine must make sense and it must aim to achieve that one goal, of losing weight in a healthy way. You want maximum results that will give you a slim, taut body. Here are some exercises that will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Cardio exercise

Cardio training helps elevate your metabolism. You can add a little twist to the regular routine whether it is in the form of swimming, bicycling or running. When you incorporate cardio training into your regular exercise routine it raises your metabolism rate for a while, and takes time to bring it back to normal. It is during this time you will be losing those calories. The calorie burn goes on long after you’ve toweled yourself dry. For example, if you walk 30 minutes every day, add a burst of jogging for 30 seconds, every 10 minutes. This is cardio fitness.

Strength training

Your heart and organs benefit greatly through strength training. However, not much can be done to increase the metabolic need. Your muscles are a different story. They need to be fed constantly and what better way to feed than through strength training. You can incorporate strength training for 15 minutes 4 times a week. As you get stronger, you can make it a daily activity.

Boot camp

To keep your metabolism elevated, there’s nothing more effective than boot camp. Boot camp consists of a combination of activity, including regular exercise routine, cardio focused exercise, strength training and periods of rest in-between. It is intensive and effective at the same time. You will come away from boot camp feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and a whole lot healthier.


All you need is a good pair of jogging shoes. Find a hill to sprint on or a treadmill to crank on. Your legs and calves have to work when running up a hill; these are the biggest muscle groups in your body. You need to push yourself to use up the energy, which is a great way to burn those calories.


Yoga is not just about relaxing as many people believe. It is a workout you can attempt on active rest days. Yoga keeps you healthy and flexible for your more intense workouts. Yoga requires stability and balance leading to functional strength and good mental health.

These are some of the most effective exercises to lose weight and retain a healthy and fit body. Some people find exercising boring and mundane. In fact, this is a common restraint for people looking to get fit and healthy. However, do not make any of this an excuse. Find exercises or activities that are interesting and exciting at the same time. You can even work with a personal trainer for a short period of time to gain insight on strength training and muscle building to help with weight loss.

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