Flat stomach diet

Don’t despair if your belly is refusing to remain flat. There are two reasons for a puffed belly, one is accumulated fat, and the other is a slow digestive system. What you need is an easy menu with a few tweaks. If you are looking to fit comfortably into your jeans and be flatter, we have a flat stomach diet food plan just for you!

Two kinds of fiber
Have breakfast cereal each morning that incorporates fiber into your daily meal and keeps your digestive system moving. If you can incorporate two kinds of fiber this is the most effective breakfast you can have to get a flatter stomach. The result? You look lighter and feel flatter.
Avoid excessive sodium

Subtract too much sodium from your daily meals. Sodium puffs your belly because it retains water. Many of us eat more sodium than we need to. The recommended sodium intake per day is 1,500 mg. Avoid salting your food too many times at the table, and look out for packaged foods that contain high levels of sodium.

Increase potassium
Add potassium rich foods into your daily meal. Foods including potatoes and bananas eliminate excessive water and make your stomach seem less bloated. What you need to ensure is there is a balance between sodium and potassium. When there is an imbalance, it is then your body holds onto too much fluids. You can restore this balance by increasing your intake of potassium to 4,700 mg per day. This means you have to consume rich sources of potassium produce whether it is baked potato, banana, papaya, cooked spinach, and orange or tomatoes sauce.

Add more fluids
Drinking plenty of fluids helps flatten your stomach. When there’s a balance of fluid in your body, it is better able to pull your duel fiber cereal to the lower intestine. When you don’t drink sufficient water, your belly becomes bloated. You must be well hydrated to get rid of this bloat. Drink 8 glasses of liquid per day. You can also incorporate fluid rich foods like fruits and vegetables. The liquid quota can be met through the likes of milk, coffee, tea, juice and water.

Avoid candy and soda
Candy and soda leads to a distended belly. For example, eating and drinking whether through a straw, sucking hard or chewing gum can lead you to swallow air. Avoid consuming carbonated drinks. Instead, replace with flat drinks like water or juice. And eliminate chewing candy and gum.

Probiotic yogurt
An imbalance of bacteria in the gut can slow down the digestive system, causing your stomach to bloat. Probiotic yogurt contains live bacteria which will lessen bloating and improve intestinal mobility. Eat 4 ounces of fat free or low fat yogurt daily.

Sugar alcohols likes low calorie sweeteners are not easily digestible. It can lead to fermentation in the large intestine due to live bacteria. This causes gas and puffiness in the stomach. Check food labels regularly to avoid consuming foods containing sugar alcohols.

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