Control Your Cravings. Find Out How?

Everyone has had cravings. When they strike, they hit you hard. And before you know it, you are gulping down the last bit of potato chips. This is not the best approach to weight loss. People crave food from time to time, and think the cravings get a hold of them. Contrary to this belief, you can control your cravings.

When cravings hit you, be reasonable. Ask yourself this question. Do you really need to have this food at this moment? Every time you think of food, you don’t have to necessarily eat it. And with each passing day, the more you reason with yourself, the easier it will become to say no.

Replace cravings with other thoughts. Find a good substitute. If your mind is filled with images of food, think of images to replace them. For instance, if you like beautiful clothes imagine how you would like in them after weight loss. These images will inspire you to not give into cravings.

Keep busy, and distract yourself. Engage in activities that keep you busy. For instance, whenever you think of food attempt to do something like a chore you’ve been putting off for a while. You can write that long owed letter to a relative, make a telephone call, take a scented bath or even go for a long walk.

Have a time to indulge in a bit of food. This will give you something to look forward to and will reduce the cravings you have during the day. Set aside a time to eat something you enjoy, rather than eat at random hours. This will make you feel less guilty and you will enjoy the food when you know you are following the rules.

Shop in small quantities. Remember, do not fill up your shopping cart to the brim, once you bring all that food home you will feel tempted to eat it. Instead, shop a little at a time. If you want to purchase cookies, buy two packets instead of eight. Start by cutting down into smaller quantities without giving up everything from the get go.

Eat with others. This will help you control your eating. When you have people eat with you, it is not like you are going to finish everything on the table. It is good to enjoy meals regularly with people that support your weight loss goals.

And finally, don’t forget to exercise. Exercise helps control cravings. Work with a personal trainer to help your body achieve a balanced metabolism, in order to help you control the food you put inside.


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