How To Wake Up In The Morning And Take Action

Are you a morning person? Well, not many people are. Most folks are at their grumpiest in the morning. Waking up early for some people are similar to a form of torture. It is an epic batter between your lazy self and motivated self; a tug of war between the plush, comfortable bed and energized hum of the local health club. You may start getting up early to workout; you may lose momentum and fall right back to sleep. These are the perils of attempting to workout in the morning. However, it can be done with a little motivation and well structured plan.

Set more than one alarm

And I don’t mean you set two alarms. Until you get into a routine of getting up in the morning and taking action, set multiple alarms. At least one is bound to wake you up. Set obnoxious alarms so that you are bombarded where you will not hit the snooze button and miss your workout.

Get ready the night before

T-shirt and shorts, check. Keys, check. Water bottle, check. Check everything the night before and be prepared to start your workout in the morning. Do not be disoriented or delirious fumbling for things in the dark. The most effective way to start your workout is to get ready the night before. When you plan ahead and everything is at your arm’s reach, you will be ready to hit the gym by 7AM.

Meet a companion

You may struggle getting up in the morning for yourself. However, if you are meeting a friend, the getting up part becomes that much easier. You know someone is waiting for you to show up and you don’t want to let that person down. Once every often workout with a buddy or companion to keep yourself motivated. This makes it easier to get your act together and out of bed in the morning.

Cut down on travel time

Do not fix your workout at a gym that requires you to travel a long distance. Your gym shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes walk or run from your home. A quick commute allows you to sleep a little longer. A longer commute can lead you to feeling worse for wear before you even begin your workout session.

Face the consequence

Sign up for a training session that requires you to face the consequence of being a no-show. This will force you to jump out of bed and rush to the gym. You will learn to take the act of consequence seriously and put in an extra effort to wake up in the morning. If the local health club is more forgiving in this instance, make up your rules as you go along.

Plan a reward

Rewarding yourself is like a pat on the back to sticking to your morning workout. Is there something you enjoy eating? Have it on the weekend only. Promise yourself a delicious treat and getting up early morning during the week wouldn’t be as nightmarish as you initially thought!

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