Top 5 Exercises That Give You A Complete Workout

If you are not a regular exerciser or sports person and want to want to exercise to improve overall health and fitness, it can be nerve-wracking to hit the gym on your own. Treadmills, weight machines and rowing machines can do your head in that you want to run back to your couch. Yet, getting fit doesn’t necessarily have to mean you do it in the gym. There are workouts that will keep your weight in check and help you become fitter and stronger and lower risk of disease. You need a complete workout, let’s look at the best exercises to achieve that.


Swimming is a great workout for the whole body. The buoyancy of water helps you move fluidly through water, taking the strain off your joints. It is good for people afflicted with arthritis. It also helps achieve weight loss. Swimming can put you in a good mood and give you great bouts of energy. You can also attempt at water aerobics with a home personal trainer.


Strength training

Strength training is not all about bulking your muscles, it is also about giving you strength. Muscles need to be used, else they will lose their strength over time. You can burn lots of calories through strength training. It helps you maintain your weight more effectively. Strength training is also known to preserve brain function as you get older. In order to learn the proper techniques of strength training, it is good to take on a personal trainer.



Walking seems a simple exercise but it is has tremendous fitness benefits. Walking strengthens bones, improves cholesterol levels, keeps you energized, puts you in a good mood and lowers the risk of health conditions like heart disease and stroke. Start with 30 minute walk a few times a week to see positive results.


Kegel exercise

While Kegel exercises are not about your outer appearance, they certainly do something for your physical body from the inside. This exercise strengthens the pelvic muscle that supports your bladder. It may sound uninteresting but it is one of the top exercises for a full body workout. It is an exercise that will go a long way as a top health benefit. It is an exercise that women are familiar more with, but can certainly help men too.


Martial art

Tai chi is a form of martial art that is a good exercise for your body and mind. It is meditation combined with physical activity. It is made up of graceful movements which takes the exerciser from one position to the next. Exercisers of all ages and physical competencies can give martial arts a go.

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