To See Results How Much Exercise Do You Need

The biggest obstacle for most people is not so much the exercise routine, but how to maintain consistency. Each time you exercise, your body gets a booster shot. If your workouts are inconsistent or spaced our too far your body is not given the chance of building off on the last one. Research indicates that cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass can significantly reduce if your workout is inconsistent.

At the same time, working out too close together will not be healthy on your body, as your body too needs to recover from intense training. It is vital to plan your workout in relation to your health and fitness goals.

Experts recommend that you should get half an hour of moderate exercise, five times per week or 15 minutes of intense exercise three times a week. It is important to note that these suggestions are aimed at increasing overall cardiovascular health and fitness.

If you are new to exercise, as much as you may have your own set of fitness goals or even weight loss goals, remember that regular exercise will also keep chronic illnesses at bay. Type 2 diabetes, dementia and heart disease are greatly reduced when you make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle. One of the biggest mistakes people make is looking at exercise as something that has an end goal, instead of making it part of your daily routine. If you make exercise finite it means that once you achieve your goals the workouts will stop. Exercise should be a permanent lifestyle change rather than a weekend warrior routine.

In the beginning you need to get accustomed to workouts and increase the frequency as your body is challenged and it keeps adapting. For instance, you can include strength training and cardio training which is ideal to achieve weight loss. You can also employ a personal trainer who will make you accountable to maintaining a consistent and regular routine.

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