How Sun Salutations Can Transform Your Body From The Inside Out

Sun salutations also known as Surya Namaskars refer to a set of postures performed within the greater classification of yoga. It is known to have many beneficial properties that help transform your body from the inside out and make you healthier and fit. Not only does each muscle group get equally targeted but your organs can also experience a boost in energy after completing several sets at a steady pace. The postures and their benefits are highlighted below for you to start your own journey to explore the excellent advantages of sun salutations. 

1. Mountain Pose

To start your sun salutations on your yoga mat, you can come forward and stand closer to one end of the mat. You can then stretch both your hands upwards, reaching for the sky as you stretch your body. If possible, you can also stretch your hands back further and bend your back slightly to get the optimal stretch. This helps your body muscles become more relaxed and ensures your lungs take in more oxygen.

2. Forward Bend

The forward bend pose is when you reach for your toes and stretch your body forward. This helps to stretch your spine that can get affected from sitting in one position for a long time over the day. Furthermore, all muscles in your body including those in your legs, arms, back and abdomen get well stretched and constricted allowing for better blood flow throughout the body.

3. High Lunge

The high lunge posture is when you take back your left or right leg while keeping the other in the same position as when you started the sun salutation. Both your arms are to be placed on either sides of the foot present at the front end of your mat. You can then look forward and sketch every muscle and joint in your body, ensuring sufficient amounts of oxygen is delivered to every cell in the body that will help them perform their functions better. 

4. Downward Facing Dog

For this step, you can extend the front foot backwards and arch your back ensuring that both your hands and feet are aligned in their respective positions. To maximize the effect of this posture, you can place more pressure to touch the heels of your feet to the floor rather than staying on your toes. The change in blood flow direction will help remove all toxins that have accumulated in your cells. 

5. Plank

The plank pose is a famous posture used across many styles of training and is effective in developing your arm and shoulder muscles. You can also work on your abs with this posture as the longer you hold the posture, the more abdominal fat you can burn. This exertion of the body will ensure that more endorphin hormones are produced by the brain allowing for stress to be combated well.

6. Cobra Pose

To get to the cobra pose, your entire body must be lowered to the floor with your hands besides your chest. This can give you sufficient time to rest before the posture is maintained. To transition onto the cobra pose, push your upper body forwards and look towards the sky, bending your back sufficiently and having your entire upper body lifted off the floor. This pose is especially helpful for your back as the posture helps your spine stretch out more thoroughly. Your neck can also be elongated in this manner. 

7. Repeat

After the cobra bose, the high lunge posture is the next step to assume to continue the sun salutation. Here, ensure that the other foot is put forward rather than the one you had initially had in front of you. This will ensure a holistic stretch and will help your body be more fit and energetic. After this posture, the forward bend can be performed, followed by the mountain pose for maximum impact and benefits. This completes one half of a set that can be repeated for at least 10 times for beginners and even more for advanced yogis. You can set your own suitable pace for optimal results.

To learn the right way of practicing these yoga postures, you can also sign up for yoga classes near you. At Be Fit, our yoga trainers will ensure that your body is well stretched and contracted for the best results to be retained. Get in touch with our professional team and work towards diversifying your fitness workouts today. 

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