How To Stick With Your Fitness Goals

Sticking to anything is challenging, this is truer when it comes to your fitness goals. Exercise makes some people cringe, and others cry. It is not something people get up in the morning having happy thoughts about. It can be hard to fit exercise amidst the other everyday activities and events. However, if you want to make health and fitness a big part of your life, sticking to a fitness routine will help you achieve long term goals. Let’s look at some fun ways to make fitness more exciting and less of a chore.

Get involved in a competition

You have to be fit by a certain date if you are to be part of a competition. This will motivate you to get moving and stick to something until you see it through. If it is a competition, you will have to get serious about it and train hard. Plus, you may have to achieve a certain fitness level to even compete. Get a personal trainer to work with you to get fit and ready for your competitors.

Take a bet

You can give your friend some money for safekeeping and then earn it back bit by bit, for each time you achieve a small goal. This is a great incentive and will keep you pushing forward knowing you have to earn all the money back. If you don’t want to bet with money, why not bet on fun things like babysitting, housework, movie tickets or a lovely dinner. Find things that you like and motivate yourself by having something to look forward to.

Share your goals

Get onto social media and share your goals. This will keep you inspired because now you have told your followers what you are up to, and they will expect you to follow through. You are accountable to them. This is encouraging enough to help you stick to the plan. Post a message the night before, for instance, say you will be up at 5 AM with your jogging shoes on, ready for a run. Anyone wants to join? Some of your followers may decide to surprise you.

Have a rewards program

Each time you achieve a smaller goal, on your way to the bigger ones reward yourself. You deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve put in. Splurge a little and celebrate.

Results will make reality seem even better

You have to see to believe. If you’ve tried your whole adult life to achieve weight loss but have somehow fallen short of your goal, when you really achieve it you will feel a sense of pride and relief. Yes, it can be done with the help of a personal trainer. When you’ve achieved your fitness goals, you will learn to become a more disciplined person that will not only serve you well during fitness but also in your life.




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