Reset Your Body Composition With Personal Training Sessions

Body composition training is more about focusing on fitness goals rather than weight loss. At times it is crucial to understand that losing a few kilograms may not be the answer to your fitness goals, and therefore you have to go beyond the weighing scale and instead focus on the body composition. With body composition training, you will be able to become fitter faster than you thought is possible. In body composition training, the focus is on two main goals:

  • Reduce fat mass
  • Increase lean body mass

When you work towards these goals, you are not setting yourself up for immediate progress, instead, you will be rewarded with long-term success. This means that you will be able to lose the fat mass and simultaneously increase the lean body  mass. 

Steps To Reset Body Composition? 

Measure The Body Fat Percentage

The first step towards your fitness goals is to get the body composition tested. This does not include weighing yourself; instead, you have to analyze the progress by checking the body composition results. Once you have obtained your body fat percentage and lean body mass, your fitness coach can tailor exercises to get faster and smarter results. 

The easiest way to assess body composition is with devices that use BIA technology. These technologies provide accurate body fat percentage results and a complete readout of the muscle mass, fat mass and body water. A personal fitness trainer is already educated about these methods and can easily measure body composition. 

Plan the Agenda

After you have collected the data on body composition, your trainer can focus on the information to plan your workouts targeting the concerned areas. The best solution is to plan all of your goals and conquer them one after the other. Some goals may go hand in hand, and you will be able to achieve goals in one go. 

Reduce Fat

Fat reduction is the primary goal for people with high body fat percentage and overall weight. For men, this is between 20 to 30 percentages, whereas for women, it is between mid 30 and above. You can also change your diet and follow a balanced diet plan to quickly get rid of unwanted fat. Some of the diets for fat reduction include low carb and high-protein diets. 

Develop Lean Body Mass

This should be the primary goal if you are skinny fat. Skinny fat is when you are not overweight, but you have low levels of lean body mass and high levels of body fat mass. Resistance training can help you reduce your body fat and increase lean body mass. Increased lean body mass will increase strength and improve the functioning of your immune system. 

Healthy Plan to Reach Goals

The personal fitness trainer will analyze the results from the tests (body composition) and plan healthy exercises to help you meet goals. If you are confused about how to start and progress, you can start with a general plan and then modify your goals as you understand how your body responds to diet and exercise. 

Contact our fitness coaches to determine your body composition and to start training. We have the latest equipment and skilled trainers who will guide you through your fitness journey.  


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