Postnatal and Pregnancy Personal Training

Pregnancy training

You may be experiencing the glow of being pregnant for the very first time, or it may be your third time. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you cannot continue to be fit or exercise. Training and keeping your body fit contributes greatly to increased confidence and self esteem. Pregnancy doesn’t have to make you lose any of this. In fact, more and more women opt for personal training during pregnancy to not only keep fit but to also feel confident and sensual.

Our personal trainers will work with you every step of the way throughout the nine months ensuring you both exercise and eat in the optimal way to maintain your health and most importantly the baby’s health.

Learn to strengthen your core with Be Fit personal trainers, boost your confidence, improve yourself physically and emotionally, have a less stressful delivery, exercise certainly helps create an easier delivery and helps you recover postpartum.

Postnatal training

What about once you deliver the baby? Do you even have time to take a bathroom break, leave alone exercise? We say you make exercise and personal fitness a priority as your health should be on top of your list even when you are a mother. Be Fit has a specialized fitness training program headed by qualified personal trainers to help mothers-to-be and post baby moms get into good shape, feel good about yourselves, look great and achieve overall health and fitness goals.

Nine months of physical changes to your body will leave you feeling tired and out of shape. Most new mothers are eager to regain their shape and confidence prior to being pregnant, and look better than ever before. Our specialist postnatal personal trainer will help new moms get a lean, energized and strong physique while ensuring you stay motivated throughout the personal training program.

For more information on our pregnancy and postnatal training, call us on +971 4 380 5077.

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