How Physical Fitness Can Impact Your Emotional Health

It is a well known fact exercise benefits your physical body and health. Regular physical activity leads to improved sleep, weight control and cardiovascular health. The benefits of exercise are not limited to what we see but to also what we feel. Physical activity helps maintain strong and steady emotional health and wellbeing.

You may be having a bad day or feeling absolutely awful about something in particular; exercise may not even be on your mind. You just want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. If a personal trainer can motivate you to engage in some physical activity, you will find yourself feeling better than expected. Exercise is known to increase energy which makes people feel better both physically and mentally.

There are many theories attesting to the fact that exercise promotes emotional health. However, this is not a sought after strategy. Everyone wants to focus on improving their physical fitness, they don’t realize the significant impact it has on one’s emotional health. Exercise stimulates brain chemicals including dopamine and noradrenaline which are mood regulators. The increase of these chemicals may prevent symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression getting a hold of you. According to health reports published recently by the Harvard Medical School, the production of endorphins also play a role in your body and it helps increase immunity and lead to better moods.

Doctors recommend physical activity and exercise to people afflicted with depression and anxiety. There is clinical evidence to suggest exercise is similar to an antidepressant. And for people that continue with regular physical activity throughout their lives are known to experience lower depression and an increased overall energetic mood.

Physical fitness is what most people concentrate on. We all have goals, we want to lose weight, tone up, build muscles and so on. The upside to this is the better you look the better you will feel. Physical appearance has a direct link to people’s emotions. If you are out of shape it is unlikely you will feel confident to hit the beach in a suit. However, if you get into shape you might initiate a visit to the beach. You probably can’t wait to show off your newly toned body. Start an individualized fitness program with a female personal trainer, and the more you get into shape, the better you will feel. It will impact your emotional health, and in a positive way.

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