Personal Trainer VS DIY

Have you considered hiring a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals? What about do it yourself? Do it yourself is as the name implies. It is a program that you put together yourself with the extent of knowledge, experience and skills you possess. Taking on a personal trainer, on the other hand, offers a one on one program which incorporates health and fitness goals that are developed to cater to the needs of each individual. Personal training programs are geared for those that want to tone their body, lose weight or do cardiovascular exercise.

A personal trainer lives up to their name, and gets personal with you. Their goal is to not just celebrate when you get things right but to be a source of strength when you feel like quitting. A personal trainer will encourage, motivate and push you when it’s needed or offer a soft touch when you get complacent or delusional.

When you attempt to work on your own or DIY, you are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to accomplish your health and fitness goals. What is it you want to do? Is it to tone up, lose body fat, train for a specific sport or all of the above? If you do not have a workable objective in place, you will find yourself getting frustrated along the way. And you will not have the support of a personal trainer to motivate you to keep going.

A personal trainer will factor in your current physical fitness and body composition. A trainer will put together an individually designed fitness program that caters to your specific needs. Your trainer will provide instructions and ensure you train safely. Your program will be monitored, your techniques evaluated and you will be encouraged right throughout until the very end with the finish line in site. It will be a supportive and safe environment combined with a soft and personal touch.

When following your DIY workout program, you tend to accomplish little spending too much time on it. You won’t work as hard as you would have with a personal trainer by your side. You are not accountable to anyone and time is fleeting. You can exercise if you want, and if you don’t you can fling the alarm clock out of the window and go back to sleep. Your fitness program does not require you show up everyday. There is no one to monitor your progress or evaluate your achievements along the way.

When you know your trainer is waiting for you with a smile on their face, the last thing you would want to do is to blow them off. Working according to a structured fitness program makes you more accountable and committed to the end result.

So if you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer – do it. If you’ve not considered it until now – do it. If you want to get fitter, healthier and reach your goals – once again, do it!

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