It’s Not Too Late To Get Started On Exercise, No Matter Your Age

There are many reasons why we tend to slow down with age, it may be because of health issues, weight problems or the worry of falling. Perhaps, you think exercise is not for you. Did you know that as you get older, exercise and fitness becomes more important to your overall fitness than when you are young? Fitness when you are older comes with ample benefits like maintaining your independence, giving you an energy boost, managing weight, keeping you free from health conditions and protecting your heart.

If you look at benefits for older adults closely you will find that longevity is the number one factor of maintaining regular exercise and fitness, it certainly adds years to your life.

It helps lose weight

Maintaining a healthy weight when older is challenging, because metabolism slows down as you grow older. Exercise builds muscle mass and increases metabolism. You end up burning more calories than an average senior who is not engaged in regular exercise and fitness.

Improves sleep

Many older folks struggle to sleep and this can be detrimental to your overall health. Regular physical fitness can improve the quality of sleep and make you feel energized and refreshed once you wake up.

Enhances mobility and balance

Exercise improves flexibility, strength and posture which in turn lead to proper balance and coordination. For an older person, good mobility will reduce the risk of falling.

Gives you a good dose of energy

If you’ve constantly felt tired before, exercise will reduce fatigue and make you feel energized. You will be able to have a more active life even as you get older, the more you incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Gives your self-confidence a boost

Exercise is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins which result in decreased feelings of depression and sadness. Feeling strong and being physically active gives you an energy boost that helps increase confidence and self-esteem.

Starting a regular exercise routine at any age is challenging, even more so when you are a senior. You may have aches and pains or be struggling with health problems. You may not have exercised before, however, working out with a personal trainer will give you a good head start. There are many reasons to slow down, just as many as there are to get moving. Exercise is for everyone, no matter what your age. You will reap the rewards and exercise will boost your health and longevity.

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