Is It Motivation Or Commitment That Helps You Achieve Health And Fitness?

You often hear people talk about the need to feel motivated to get up and exercise. On the flip side, you will also hear people say things like I’m going to bring it, or I’m going to crush it. Both streams of thinking present an issue. In this day and age it is normal to feel pressurized to look a certain way. For a normal person, this can be very de-motivating. You wonder how on earth you are going to get into shape like your next door neighbour. This leads to the average person feeling like quitting before even getting a good start.

When it comes to having a crush mentality, as much as you need motivation to get a jump start and go outside of your comfort zone, there’s a place and time for that level of concentration. It is not a beast mode, or an all or nothing mode that helps you reach your fitness goal, rather it is commitment. Commitment means you show up for your workout, you follow a specific exercise plan and you achieve your goals. Yes, there is motivation along the way that propels you to continue, but it is not only about motivation, neither is it all about commitment.

As a human being, there are days you won’t feel like training. However, you will realize it is not motivation that gets you out of bed at the first ring of the alarm clock; rather it is the commitment you’ve made to workout with your personal trainer regardless of how you are feeling. Some days will be harder than others, but your commitment to the exercise plan will compel you to stick to it, until the very end.

Truthfully, you can accomplish a whole lot purely based on motivation, but it is not enough to go the extra mile. In most cases, you need someone to motivate you. You cannot find this level of motivation on a daily basis. Motivation works best when a personal trainer is there to encourage you and push you till you reach your fitness goals.

When contemplating long term fitness goals, it is commitment that will take you to the finish line. You may be feeling tired, sick or slightly under the weather, remember your end goal. You want to achieve something, it may be weight loss, toning up or training for an event. Stay committed, be focused and enjoy a little motivation from your home personal trainer, and you will be well on your way to getting there.

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