How You Can Keep On Working On Your Fitness Goals While Staying At Home

The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic does not only cause a lot of primary changes in the way we live and work, but also a considerable amount of uncertainty and anxiety. All of us are forced to think more creatively on how to adhere to our previous routines as much as we can, while still staying safe at home. Because the key to maintaining our mental and physical wellbeing is to try to stick to our daily routine. 

Physical exercise is necessary for our bodies and minds. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins; these reduce the perception of pain and create a positive feeling in your body. 

Staying indoors and not engaging in any kind of physical activity can deteriorate your physical and mental health. Everybody needs a minimal amount of exercise and moving about, especially at unprecedented times. Moreover, the lockdown has caused some to engage in unhealthy dietary habits, this again is not a good sign. You can start with a small exercise routine and then progress towards more rigorous ones. The aim is to be fit and eat healthily. 

The first step is to establish the necessary routine; a home workout is definitely different from what you may be used to, however, your fitness coach can help you make the most out of the situation. The benefit of engaging in intensive workouts is that they work better for fat loss and muscle growth in comparison to long-duration cardio. Lifting some sort of weight is also an ideal option; this will help maintain muscles while you stay home. You can be creative and substitute dumbbells with other household items (canned goods, books, paint cans). 

High-Intensity Interval Training

This technique is effective as it keeps your body fit. The upside about it is that it can be performed at home, completed in a short time, and it does not even require any equipment. Consult with the personal trainer before going to full swing with HIIT, as this training requires a certain amount of skill. Moreover, it is not a safe option for those with underlying health conditions, a sedentary lifestyle, or a risk of developing other cardiac diseases. 

HIIT works by using the body as resistance, to give you a challenging workout. Here you are required to work with your body rather than external equipment. This not only improves balance and flexibility but also helps build strength. 

HIIT targets all the muscle groups and works them through common exercises like burpees, squats, and planks.

Low-Impact Exercise

High-intensity interval training is not suitable for everyone. Some may not have the motivation or otherwise the stamina to perform HIIT. These people always have the option of performing low-impact exercises at the convenience of their home. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to low-impact exercises, our personal fitness trainers can educate you about some of the non-aggressive high-burn workout techniques, which will help you stay fit at home. Another popular option is yoga; the different styles of yoga broadly include different physical postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation. This low-impact exercise is acclaimed as it promotes the control of the mind and improves well-being.

Personal trainers are best equipped to form a detailed plan on all the alternative training and methods you can engage in during these special circumstances. You should not take your fitness regime lightly just because you are unable to go to the gym, but instead it is more crucial to maintain your fitness routine in these trying times for a sound mind and body. 

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