Get Fit Through Effective Group Classes

The aerobic craze which started in the 80s made group exercise classes a popular mainstay of the health and fitness industry. If you are a regular exerciser, you should know by now the benefits of group exercise classes. It deserves to be part of your exercise program.

It is motivational

Working out all by yourself can be a drag sometimes. Everyone needs a motivator. In a group class setting you get it in spades. Firstly, a group exercise class is usually headed by a personal trainer. A personal trainer would push you to the limit, within reason. Then you have people around you. They too are good motivators at pushing you to achieve your fitness goals. The best part is hearing the words, ‘keep going, you can do it’ which is something you often hear in group exercise classes. There’s variety in a group class, which makes it more interesting and less mundane.

It is challenging

The main reason people don’t get what they want out of a gym setting is they are not challenged enough. In other words, it is too of an easy workout. In a group exercise class you get to choose your level, which means you are challenged more. The more challenged you feel, the better motivated you are to keep up with the rest of the group.

It is structured

Having a structured workout takes skill. A personal trainer usually has the knowledge and skill to offer a structured exercise program. Many people who practice at the gym may not really know what they are doing. As a result the workouts are less effective. You may be wasting valuable time and risking serious injury. A certified home personal trainer will offer a meticulously structured workout to train safely and with results.

Check your progress

At the gym you may develop a sloppy exercise pattern. In a group exercise class there is nowhere to hide. The personal trainer will be on a raised platform with the group on a slightly lower platform. Their eyes are going to be on each and every single member of the group. You will be constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure you are getting it right.

Exercise will become part of your routine

The key to getting fit is to show up. Make exercising part of your regular routine. Show up, and you will see results. This should be enough to push you towards becoming regular at exercising and maintaining fitness. There’s accountability in a group setting. You know you need to attend group classes regularly, the instructor expects you to and so does the rest of your group. The longer you stick to this routine, the more likely you will achieve overall health and fitness goals.

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