Fitness motivation: 6 Good Reasons To Get A Workout Companion

If you could exercise and hang out with your friends at the same time, we reckon you would jump at the idea. Working out wouldn’t feel like a chore when you have a buddy to work out with. Some people want to exercise but feel awkward or lonely at the thought of doing it on their own. Working out with a companion will not only make it enjoyable but will benefit your overall mental and physical health.

A recent study suggested that when you workout with a friend it is double the fun. Yes, you get to achieve your fitness goals while at the same time do it with someone that you like.

If you are a beginner to exercise it is unlikely you know much about routines and techniques. Exercising with someone else means they will tell you if you are squatting or lifting the weight wrong. You have someone to look out for you, and keep you from getting hurt.

Many people who exercise with a buddy state they feel far less stressed and anxious than if they were going at it alone. Working out with a friend can keep you calm, particularly when you feel challenged and de-motivated. Having a buddy doesn’t mean you will be chatting throughout the exercise, it just means you have someone working out right alongside you.

With a buddy to workout with, you will find yourself pushing harder to reach your fitness goals. There will be a healthy and natural competitiveness which is good when it comes to achieving fitness goals. The harder you push yourself the quicker you will be able to reach them.

As much as you find yourself motivated to workout, you will also not be in such a hurry to slack or quit. You are accountable to someone else, which means you won’t wake up in the morning thinking of all the excuses you can make to not hit the gym.

And finally, a workout buddy is like a personal trainer who will make you push yourself faster and reach your goals quicker. Your performance will improve and you will find that exercising can be a whole lot of fun when doing it with a friend!



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