What to expect from your personal trainer

Are you ready to get fit? Do you have health and fitness goals you’ve been sidestepping all this while? Are you afraid to attempt exercising on your own, for fear of not sticking through till the end? If these questions seem to burden you, it may be time to get some help. You know you want to get healthy and fit, but don’t know how. Taking on a personal trainer may alleviate many of these issues.

A personal trainer will create a customized exercise program for you. There’s no cookie cutting; it will be unique and designed to help you reach your fitness goals. A trainer will factor in special medical attention, whether it’s past injury, physical competence and even pregnancy.

Your trainer will ensure you learn proper technique and form when using exercise machines and equipment. Remember, safety is the number 1 priority of exercise. A personal trainer has the right amount of knowledge on the correct mechanics of each exercise, and teaches you how to perform them in correct form. This will maximize the efficiency of your exercise program.

If you’ve ever lacked in motivation, your trainer will ensure you stay motivated throughout the program. Your program will be scheduled promoting accountability on your part. This will help build discipline in the long run, making exercise part of your daily routine once the program has come to an end. Motivation not only keeps you moving forward, it also helps you build a positive outlook whether it is assessing short term goals, evaluating mood and feelings and making the process an enjoyable one. The more motivated you become, the more likely you will develop that much needed self confidence.

Believe it or not, exercising on your own can bring about boredom. The routine can become monotonous making you feel like giving up altogether. You will find sticking to a routine as a lone exerciser is in no way fun or exciting. Working with a personal trainer, on the other hand, will alleviate that boredom. Your trainer has the necessary skills and expertise to make your routine fun and adventurous. It will not be the same old, boring routine you have been performing in the past. Your trainer will incorporate activities you enjoy, and exercise that help you stay challenged as you move close to achieving your health and fitness goals.
Remember, during your initial consultation you must be upfront and honest with your personal trainer, Your goals must be made clear so that your trainer knows what you expect out of the program. Based on this information, your trainer can go about developing a program that is best suited to you, whether it is appropriate weight for strength training and exercise or exercise intensity, how often you can commit to the program, assess your current level of fitness and if you are plagued by any past medical conditions.

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