Does It Matter How Frequently You Exercise?

How often should you exercise? And does it matter? Research indicates 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week makes all the difference. However, this is more to do with traditional exercise, there are numerous modern fitness routines, gym sessions, personal trainers and various devices that doesn’t require you to exercise so frequently. Exercise is not as complicated as you think.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to exercise and fitness, all there is are guidelines to ensure you follow and apply it to your training schedule to make it fun and enjoyable, and effective at the same time.

If you are a fitness enthusiast you probably spend all your time working out. For the rest of us, we are unlikely to go to a gym unless forced or with a good lot of grumbling under our breath. If you want to achieve a good level of fitness it is ideal you workout with a personal trainer three times a week. While training even five times a week may be recommended, due to time constraints not everyone can hit the gym that frequently. The best frequency to aim for is three.

How long should your workout last? For an efficient and effective workout you need to use your time wisely. To make real progress and gain productive results training for a 45 minutes is ideal. However, 30 minutes of intense workout like a run, jog or sprint too will certainly make a huge difference to your fitness level. Warming up should consists of 10 minutes and so should the cooling down period.


If you are weight training it is always good to take rest between sessions. You can weight train two days in a row, and keep the third as a rest day. For an advanced lifter, however, the training schedule will be vastly different. Your muscles need time to recover, otherwise the joints and tendons could become sore leading to injury.


What should your training regime incorporate? A personal trainer will guide you to include weight training and cardiovascular work. And don’t forget you need to eat healthy meals and sleep well at night. All of this contributes to becoming fitter and leading a healthier lifestyle.


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